"Oh, I forgot to introduce this is my new boyfriend." Rui Danni hugged the man’s arm.

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The boy was obviously shocked, but he soon entered the role of "Hello, Danny and I made friends abroad"
"Friends? Still a boyfriend? " Xia Zhu felt it necessary to make it clear.
Glared at RuiDanNi side man "what’s the matter? Shy or I don’t deserve you? I don’t want to be my boyfriend, do I? "
"No, I’m just flattered that happiness came too suddenly," the man said shyly.
Qu Lu always looked down at the phone and didn’t join their conversation, which made Rui Danni even more angry.
Chapter 11 Good fragrant strong tea
What do you mean? Pretend not to see or hear?
Ruidanni just walked directly to Qu Lu and patted him on the shoulder and said, "What happened to Brother Lu? Do you have a problem with me or my boyfriend? "
"I have what opinion to you? Just don’t want to disturb your speech. "Qulu had to speak.
"It’s rare to see you sitting with my sister-in-law for dinner. If you don’t mind, let’s spell the table," said Rui Danni, pulling her so-called boyfriend to sit down
Qu Lugen didn’t have a chance to refuse, but Xia Zhu obviously didn’t intend to refuse.
A good meal is ruined like this
After chatting with Rui Danni’s boyfriend and knowing that Xia Zhu is Rui Danni’s sister-in-law, men obviously respect her more.
However, it is still difficult for a few people to be embarrassed. Xia Zhu used an excuse to go to health. The main reason why she wanted to escape for a while was that she didn’t want to eat.
To her surprise, Rui Danni’s boyfriend followed her shortly after she came out.
"Sister-in-law, can I talk to you if it’s convenient?" The man suddenly said
Xia Zhu nodded and always felt a little awkward, as if he had benefited the feelings of others and children. The boy seemed to like Rui Danni less.
"The man inside is Qu Lu, right?" The man asked
"You know him?" Xia Zhu has some accidents.
"Well, I heard Danny tell me that I told her before, but she said that she likes a man in her life, that is, Qu Lu. Today I am destined to meet the statue." The man laughed at himself.
"So you know everything?" Xia Zhu felt even more sorry.
"Yes, I guessed it after Rui Danni was so nice to me and asked me out for dinner and saw that man." The man sighed. "But I was her boyfriend."
"Are you too pessimistic?" Xia Zhu suddenly felt that the boy and Rui Danni were a good match.
"I really like her, but I still know it, but I’m going back tomorrow. Danny, I’m afraid that’s how I got my dream in my life." The boy smiled bitterly.
Xia Zhu doesn’t know what he should comfort or what he can do.
They are all people who are persistent in love, but this boy seems to be more transparent than Rui Danni. Should he know that letting go will make him too tired if he can’t get something?
Bai yinting didn’t expect the other party to meet him at the hotel, which made him think of Qin Ming inexplicably. Many things are the same in style.
After coming to the hotel, Bai Yinting asked Lin Hao to find someone to wait for his order and then went alone.
When he came to the door of the house, he knocked gently, and to his surprise, the door was unlocked.
He pushed the door and went in. It was dark in the room, but instead of closing the door, he left it open and turned on the light.
No one. No one.
"Hello?" Bai yinting shouted a.
No one responded to him. It was strange that the message arrived again at this time, saying that Bai Yinting had no sincerity to bring too many people over, so she was not going to show up.
Bai yinting made her make another offer. this time, he drove alone to a small villa with a single house in the suburbs.
This small villa is similar to the former Qin Ming villa. It seems that this person is inextricably linked with Qin Ming.
He stopped and someone came from the car. He opened the door and Bai Yinting knew that he could not ask anything, so he went straight in.
Sure enough, he saw several big German shepherd dogs in the familiar East and West Courtyard. They may be old and have their edges and corners worn away. Instead of barking at him, they sleep lazily.
Bai yinting went into the villa with lights on, but there was still no one.
At this time, the person who opened the door for him invited him to sit down and poured him tea before inviting their host.
Bai Yinting smells the tea in front of him, which has a strange smell. It smells so good that people can’t help but want to have a sip. What kind of tea is this?
He waited for a long time, and the smell of this tea was too good, but Ann didn’t take a sip.
The tea is cold, but there is still no one. Bai Yinting is in a hurry.
At that moment, he finally heard the sound of walking, turned his head and saw a woman in pajamas coming.
Her pajamas are sexy, long, wavy, brown and curly, and she has a good figure. She wears a mask on her face.
Bai Yinting narrowed his eyes and carefully recalled that he knew a woman and said that she was Yan Ningxuan and seemed to be higher than Yan Ningxuan.
"Sorry to have kept you waiting." The woman spoke.
This sound? Bai yinting is not from one leng. he has never heard an absolutely strange sound.
"Who the hell are you? Are you behind Li Youchen’s injury to my wife? " Bai yinting also don’t want to beat around the bush.
"Ha ha, m. leblanc is really frank, but if you ask me directly, I will be afraid that I am very timid." The woman came over and sat opposite Bai Yinting.
"Who the hell are you?" Bai yinting still wants to know about this.
"Does it matter who I am?" The woman leaned forward a little. "Mr. Bai, you don’t know me at all."
"Since we don’t know each other and have no grudges, why do you want to get back at me?" Bai yinting is not white
"I didn’t get back at you. I just helped Li Youchen to enter a foreign model company." The woman opened her hand. "What are you holding on to such a small matter? What do you want? "
"Li Youchen? What are you and Li Youchen? Why wear a mask? " Bai yinting always thinks that she still has many secrets.
"I don’t want to be disturbed later," the woman said and took a deep breath. "Don’t you even want to taste such good tea? I was willing to let it cool. "
"I have no idea to drink tea." Bai Yinting studied the woman carefully.
Women seem to feel some embarrassment in Bai Yinting’s eyes and say, "You keep staring at me like this, which makes me feel particularly uncomfortable. Do you love me?"
"Lady is really joking, I don’t know who you are? How can I love you? " Bai yinting say that finish suddenly feel a little dizzy.
"Really not? Look at me carefully. Don’t you like it? " Said the woman near some Bai yinting.
Bai yinting realized that there might be something wrong with that cup of fragrant tea just now. he didn’t need to drink something that smelled like it to make him lose his reason and belief.
Chapter 12 may also be infected
"Don’t go tonight, Mr. White." The woman approached slowly.
Bai yinting pushed her away, then got up and took a few steps to the outside, but she felt that her mind was getting heavier and her legs were not working.
"What should be forced?" When a woman sticks to her again, it’s also that faint smell.
"What did you put in your tea?" Bai yinting finally rational told him absolutely not to submit.
"Nothing, just a cup of tea that can make people forget all their troubles. You will like it." The woman touched Bai Yinting’s neck with her finger.
Bai yinting shaking a want to push a woman away but have no strength.
He felt that he was limp all over, and he fell into a terrible situation. He was not sure whether Lin Hao and them could come here in time.
He fell down, and at the same time, he just grabbed the teacup and the cup fell to pieces.
"Oh, you really broke my heart," the woman said unhappily.
However, Bai Yinting picked up the broken glass and directly scratched his arm. The pain can make him regain his senses temporarily.
"You are really hard. It will kill people. Wouldn’t it be a haunted house here?" The woman squatted down and stared at Bai Yinting.
I don’t know what. Although a woman is wearing a beautiful mask, it is very scary in Bai Yinting’s eyes.
Although he tried hard to stay awake, he finally fainted.
By the time Bai Yinting woke up, he was already in the hospital, and the people around him were Lin Hao.
"What happened next?" Bai yinting is very interested in this.
"When we arrived, we saw that you fell to the ground alone, and that your wrist wound had been bandaged," Lin Hao said.
Don’t be surprised. How did this happen? They will be so kind?