"Don’t bow your head, gd will drop. Don’t cry, Director Qi will laugh."

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"Desperate to the point of double eyelids"
"I am so happy that I have double eyelids."
"I’ll take care of Da Kang Ji gd."
"Dakang’s family is sitting in a pot and coming from the side."
"Let me take this pot from Dakang Li."
Dakangji’s various expression packs instantly swept across the Internet, and fans were quick to break it. Even Dakangji cups became explosions on the shopping network. Dakangji fans were embarrassed to say hello to people if they didn’t come out for a walk with the same cup.
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Chapter six hundred and fourteen The more pure the more moving.
"Ha-ha, Kota Kang Ji is really a super back-pot man. In the play, it belongs to corruption, running away, taking bribes and taking bribes. Forget it. Now it’s all back to reality."
Suluo room baby Yang dadada came running to say with smile
During this period, I was laughed at by the employees, and the most irresponsible boss was uncharacteristically addicted to the construction method, so that the gun brother, the knife, the peak and others frowned and never let go.
You know, suluo has a criminal record. I’m afraid that suluo’s depression will happen again. As soon as everyone discusses it and tells suluo something interesting every day, the plan comes into being. The best performer is of course Yang Baobei.
Suluo lost the mouse and looked up at Yang Baobei with a smile.
"Poof, ha, ha, cough from Yingzhou police. On the morning of the morning, Xu was drunk in a club in Fuyang, Anhui Province, and the special police immediately came to deal with Xu. Not only did he not listen to the advice, but he also attacked and dealt with the special police team. Later, when the police at Jiefang Road police station controlled him, Xu injured the police and shouted that you should deal with me. I know Dakang Li.
Ha, ha, ha, ha. It’s so funny. Brother Luo, you haven’t watched the news in your head all day. This is a hot search in Weibo for Dakangji. It’s really endless. Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha. "
Yang Baobei couldn’t control herself when she talked, and she almost laughed until she was going to lie down and roll.
Suluo also said, "This buddy is also absolutely amazing. I watched a TV play and saw that he was possessed. Even Da Kang Ji couldn’t keep him."
"Poof, yes, yes, yes, that’s what netizens say. It’s killing me. Hahahaha."
It’s Dakangji who searched again, and it’s not because of the plot.
This line was made a headline, and Weibo’s hot search list ranked first.
Netizens in Weibo are so happy that they all say that this is the worst time that Dakangji was hacked.
"Dakangji’s mind is broken."
"Brother Da Kang Ji can’t help you. Just admit it."
"What’s the big deal? I know not only dark, but also the director of the Anti-Corruption Bureau, Hou Liang, a senior official of Pingping Province, and Qi Tongwei, director of the public security department of Saruijin Province. I was fined 50 yuan for spitting, but I didn’t even ask for administrative detention on the 15th."
"It’s really easy to feel bad about Dakang’s family."
"Poor Da Kang Ji drama back even if it comes to reality, this honest and frank gdboy will continue to back up, but I said that Xu didn’t know it even if you knew Da Kang Ji. I didn’t know that he wanted to protect gd roots without protecting you. Ha ha ha ha ha."
"I don’t recite the pot of Dakangji."
"Dakangji baby is bitter in heart. There are always villains trying to hurt me."
"Dakangji, I think your comrade is very funny. You know what? I’m sorry for interrupting."
"Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha. Are you excited about this Dakang record?"
What else can you do?
Can you blame this TV play for being too hot? This guy is too involved.
"Brother Luo, you said that Dakang Li is always bossy and overbearing, and his family and marriage can’t be handled well. gd is always wrong, and he can ignore everything he develops, so it won’t happen sooner or later. What is so popular with the audience?"
Baby Yang finally slowed down and rubbed his smile and hurt his stomach. He watched suluo and asked.
"Why do fans like me so much?"