Hear Lin Ying answer green MuYang flat nutcracker "oh, that’s right, that’s not funny, then I’ll go back."

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Just then, Qing Muyang found that Lin Ying seemed to be doing something, and he couldn’t understand it, so he stayed again.
Then Qing Muyang squatted on a branch and looked at the forest shadow tree jumping to find a branch with good elasticity.
After watching it for a while, Qing Muyang said to Lin Ying, "Boss, are you jumping around like a monkey?"
Hear green MuYang Lin Ying want to directly give him a kick.
Lin Ying: "You are the monkey. Your family is full of monkeys."
"Gnome male-"I’m a monkey. "Green Muyang squatted and made a branch, holding the branch naturally with both hands and then pulling his face like a big monkey.
Lin Ying felt a little better when she looked at the funny picture of Qing Muyang. "I want to find a branch with strong elasticity to bounce me from here to there."
Qing Muyang immediately became interested. "Wow, I want to play this fun."
After that, he also learned to jump around like a forest shadow, trying to let the branches bounce him to the opposite side.
But these branches are not elastic enough to play that far by one person.
After trying for a while, Qing Muyang suddenly became quiet, and then squatted on the branches and seemed to be lost in meditation.
This is the first time that Lin Ying has seen Qing Muyang so quiet.
A moment later, Green Muyang suddenly patted the branches and "had".
Qiwang w w w q i s u w a n g
But with his clap, the whole branch snapped.
Then the whole branch fell
Haoqing Muyang reacts quickly enough.
The branch jumped to another branch with a single force when it fell.
Branches falling in the zombie group directly shocked the zombies around them to move closer to the branches and then look at the fallen branches.
But because it was a branch, they did nothing around it.
Lin Ying looked at Qing Muyang and asked, "Do you have an idea?"
Green MuYang a clap a branch, "you see this branch is very elastic? But their elasticity can’t bounce us past.
But we can find one of those slender trees. Let’s go to the top and take another person to hold the top of the tree and let it go.
We can fly out as soon as biu arrives. "
Lin Ying suddenly shines at the moment when she hears the words of Qing Muyang.
That’s right. Find a slender tree and go straight to it. It should pop out.
So Lin Ying looked around for suitable branches.
After searching for a circle, Lin Ying really found the branch that echoed.
And this time it’s still two
Qing Muyang looked at the two roots and laughed. "Haha, this is the kind of tree. Here are two, one for each of us."
Say that finish green MuYang jumped to a tree crown.
Immediately, Qing Muyang said to Lin Ying, "Boss, come and let me feel one."
Hear green MuYang call Lin Ying came to the next to the tree.
Then the body kept shaking and felt the elasticity of the branches.
"Yes, this elasticity will be repaid a lot, and maybe we can bounce across these two trees."
Chapter 335 Big Slingshot
Lin Ying felt a foot on the tree and found that the elasticity was enough to bounce himself and Qing Muyang.
So Lin Ying said to Qing Muyang, "Crazy, try to help me pull a trunk and bounce me first."
Qing Muyang heard Lin Ying shout, glanced at the trees at Lin Ying’s feet, and then looked at the trees at his feet.
"Eldest brother I play you in the past, no one to help me? In that case, I can’t play and quit. "
Qingmuyang went on strike.
See green MuYang sample Lin Ying some headaches.
It’s not easy to find someone to help pull the tree. Now he and Qing Muyang are the only people around, and there is no one else.
Others don’t have the courage and ability to come here.