"What’s the matter!"
Daughters are surprised hurriedly gathered around.
Su Yu is even more tense. The whole person disappears in situ and appears in front of Su Huiyin, bending gently and holding the jade hand and asking, "What’s the matter? Are you unwell? Let the doctors take a look? "
At the same time, Su Yu also carefully put a dividend into Su Hui’s musical instrument, and carefully explored the situation of Su Hui’s musical instrument, so as not to hurt the beauty.
Now Su Huiyin is a veritable national treasure. Su Yu can’t wait to hold her palm all day for fear that she will be hurt a little.
"Husband doesn’t get in the way"
Su Huiyin shook his head, and the arch eyebrows slightly raised their eyebrows. "It was a child who kicked my body."
"the amount? He kicked you! "
Su Yu one leng daughters remained to show envy.
Su Huiyin was pregnant for five and a half months at the time of calculation, which was the time when the fetus showed signs of activity.
"Ha-ha, the doctor said that there would be a change after May, and it was a big deal."
Su Yu smiled and comforted Su Huiyin, but at the same time, he told the maids to call a group of elite female doctors into the palace to be prepared.
Now all the protective measures against Su Huiyin Su Yu are too few and too many.
This is his first child, the first blood in the world.
"Let me hear how strong our son is?"
Su Yu smiled and listened carefully with her head close to Su Huiyin’s lower abdomen.
The faint fragrance comes to Su Huiyin’s abdomen, which is very warm. Su Yu can also feel her body temperature through a thin palace dress.
The daughters envy and want to try, but Nai is embarrassed to compete with her husband.
"What’s so nice about being stupid?"
Su Huiyin Nai smiled at Qiao’s face, but the smile was sweet as if it could overflow the sugar water.
Su Yu wondered lightly, "Why is there no movement?"
"Maybe you are tired?"
Ling Aner’s novel said that a group of adults surrounded a pregnant woman with a serious and warm face, all expecting this little life to move again.
"Husband, aren’t you afraid of him kicking you?"
Read fine in accordance with the suddenly asked with a smile.
"How dare he kick me?"
Su Yu raised his eyebrows and disdained, "I am his old man. If he dares to disrespect me."
Su Yu words haven’t talk Su Huiyin suddenly exclaimed "ah! The child moved again! "
Su Yu’s face was startled. He could clearly feel that he had just been kicked on Su Huiyin’s lower abdomen cheek.
"He he dare to kick me!"
Su Yu slouches straight up a full face of melancholy "this child is really like me! Regardless of teaching since childhood! "
One second, he swore frankly that the child would not kick himself, and the next second, he was hit in the face by his own child. Now Su Da is full of depression.
"Ha ha ha!"
The girls laughed and a silvery bell echoed through the kiosk.
"I want to listen!"
"Let me do it first!"
"Husband, let us listen!"
The women are so excited that they will try one by one.
"Aren’t you afraid of him kicking you?"
"How can we be children’s aunts and kick us!"
"If you are clever to your children, you will never be rude to your aunt."
Read fine in accordance with the people nodding, swear TanTan.
"Hum, I bet he will kick you!"
Su Yu sneered at one side and prepared to watch the drama, only to find that the child really didn’t have any movement and didn’t play at all.
I was hit in the face by my own child again.
Maybe he is deliberately giving me a hard time?
Su Yu touched his nose in astonishment, and his heart was full of melancholy again.
511 Chapter 511 The Queen is in labor.
"Husband, don’t be sad and touch your head."
Or is Ling Aner’s clever little maid very painful? Even if she has been a princess for a long time, she has always been the most distressed and pregnant woman.
Su Yu sigh is full of depression.
Just then, the female doctors came. Su Huiyin is going to have a routine check-up on her body and fetus today.
The results are very gratifying. According to the doctor’s report, the queen’s fetus is full of vitality and growing healthily. There are no problems and hidden dangers.
At this point, Su Yu naturally knows that he has great magical powers. He has already figured out Su Huiyin’s body and fetus.
Su Yu is very sure that her child’s innate qualifications are extremely high!
Su Yu himself is a congenital sacred body with a strong physique. In order to lay a good foundation for children, Su Yu also specially spent three million people’s hearts and minds to exchange all kinds of gentle drugs and grind them into powder to brew Su Huiyin.
Both the mother and the child can be supplemented to ensure the health of the child, and at the same time, we must ensure that the foundation of the queen’s life source cannot be hurt.
After all, Su Yu has inquired about this kind of situation from time to time, but if the maternal constitution law is good enough at the beginning of the birth, the growth and birth of the child will inevitably hurt the mother accidentally
In order to avoid this kind of situation, Su Yu is very generous. In recent months, he has almost lost Su Huiyin and his body, including the 50 million people’s heart energy that was previously rewarded for his successful bloodless conquest of the Eastern Continental System. Su Yu has spent all his energy on Su Huiyin.
You can imagine how high a starting point Su Yu’s child should have if he was born.
Even the tenth generation of good people can’t cultivate happiness. Who can have a high starting point?