"So which one do you think Ji Xinghe School is going to make up?"

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Which one?
Won 300 stars in World War I?
Fighting side by side with Ji Xinghe, the total number of Venus for eleven people reached 1000?
Or do you need a Venus, Ji Xinghe, and the cumulative number of Venus individuals reaches 700?
The last one is impossible for everyone.
If Ji Xinghe School is so easy to satisfy, are they familiar with Ji Xinghe School?
If Ji Xinghe wants to make a whole, how can he get a thousand pieces to make a whole?
If you don’t give a hundred, you can’t be less.
People’s expectations of Ji Xinghe have reached an inhuman level, which is suspected to be the sentence that Ji Xinghe said to Tu Yuanling during the first world war. I am God.
It is impossible for God to take everything for granted.
No one can answer Tu Yuan’s question. Although Tu Yuan heard Tu Yuan’s question, he ignored Tu Yuan.
Tu Yuan was too excited to ignore Ji Xinghe’s cold and hot attitude towards him.
He took the initiative to ask.
"Lao Ji"
This is the first time he has called Ji Xinghe’s theory public or private.
"What exactly are you going to do?"
At this time, Ji Xinghe led the Xinghe team to chase the backward imperial mecha and fight.
But Tu Yuan is not worried that his problems will affect Ji Xinghe or the Xinghe squad to fight others.
There is bound to be something wrong with the gods.
God is really unaffected, but God will not be concerned about it.
God said
"Are you free to keep counting?"
"Talk less and do more"
"Do practical things, see and study hard."
"You are still young and making progress. Don’t give up on yourself."
"It’s never too late to learn. I can prove it."
An "imperial monkey" suddenly appeared in the space battleship of Alnilam. Strictly speaking, it should be a sudden extra monkey ass
Someone has a high clearance.