"Virtual you then virtual" took a white look at Yan Jiahui. Yan Shoucheng sneered with disdain. "What is melodramatic? If I really burn your leg out of blisters, you can come back to me and yell at the ultimate migrant worker."

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Although his sister has a beautiful face and a good figure, if she is not related to her, she can pursue each other and she will not pursue herself.
Nowadays, the most important thing in this society is beauty, regardless of whether it is natural beauty or makeup made up the day after tomorrow. Yan Shoucheng thinks it is enough for you to look at it when you are in front of me.
Anyway, I won’t follow you to your house to watch you take off your makeup. I wish I had satisfied his vision at that time.
Yan Jiahui
Make yourself look like a queen all day. Those men outside will certainly hold you before they get it.
But who is Yan Shoucheng?
He is the only male in Yan’s generation. When you pretend to be forced, please look at the target first.
Qin Yanfang really dotes on Yan Jiahui, but she still prefers Yan Shoucheng to her son and daughter.
It is only because of this that Yan Shoucheng dares to refute the right side in public.
Educate me
Who the fuck are you?
I should call you a sister and really treat myself like an elder.
"rada clothes are not cheap, but I can still afford tens of thousands of dollars." I wanted to take out my wallet from my pocket and directly hit it for Yan Jia Huikeyan guarding city, only to find that he had lost his car.
"You" shivered with anger. Yan Jiahui thought to Yan Shoucheng, did you eat gunpowder today? I didn’t order you to fry here.
"Mom, he’s gone too far." Seek Qin Yanfang’s help. "I’m afraid his sister can’t speak two words about him." Yan Jiahui cried.
"Jiahui guarding city, he’s not white, but he’s grumpy. He doesn’t really want to give it to you." I feel depressed and want to bump into the table and get dizzy. Forget it. Qin Yanfang secretly scolds herself for being such a fine person. What will give birth to two brainless people than pigs?
I didn’t see that the old woman’s face changed. If she still talks or doesn’t quarrel, you two will die, right
"Mom, you’re still protecting him."
"Mom is practical, that is, you make a mountain out of a molehill." When Qin Yanfang spoke for herself, Yan Shoucheng’s tail immediately went up to the sky.
Yan Jiahui
You know, mom, she’s still on my side
"Guarding city, you also don’t provoke your sister." The face slipped several black lines. If it weren’t for Qin Yanfang’s reluctance to play guarding city, the other sex might not be so arrogant.
It’s a big mistake to hit him since childhood. Qin Yanfang is also a symbolic slap on the ass.
Yan Zhihua almost broke his leg because he lost more than 100 million yuan in gambling in Macao. That time was the only time Yan Shoucheng was beaten the hardest in more than 20 years.
There is an old saying in China that Qin Yanfang, a loving mother, can’t afford the word "kindness" properly. Let’s not talk about her guarding the city, but it is a fact.
"Who wants to excite her? She is arguing with me one sentence after another endlessly." Wen Yan guarding city yum yum mouth expressed displeasure.
"Zhihua, stop all their mother’s three credit cards for a month less" is simply unbearable. The old lady Yan’s tone is light and a word makes the table almost fall off the chair for three months.
"Grandma, I go to the company class every day now. Did you stop my credit card to let me go to the company?" I growled in my heart. I am still dying in Yan Shoucheng.
"It seems that your car hasn’t been scrapped, right?" The old lady Yan picked her eyebrows.
"How can I refuel without money? I really have to walk after the point in the fuel tank is finished."
"This is easy. If you want to refuel, I will let you get a special oil card with you. If you are not satisfied, it is also a very environmentally friendly idea to take the bus to work."
"If you want an oil card or a monthly bus ticket," Mrs. Yan was born in a noble family and later married into a noble family, but when she was young, she was released and knew how ordinary life deserved it.
"The gas card is ready". Let him take the bus, that is, every time he sees that person on the highway, he doesn’t even touch the bus door. It’s different from a fantasy to let him take mass transportation.
The restaurant was quiet, and Yan Jiasan’s cheap guests didn’t continue to make trouble because they knew that if they made trouble again, the result would be that the letter card was restricted.
Chun Qin Ming men hun chong mo si
Yanjia villa at night
"Guarding the city, what happened when you were eating at Zhoujia this evening?" Yan Shoucheng collapsed on the big bed as soon as she entered the room, but Qin Yanfang’s strength was insufficient to compete with each other’s weight of dozens of pounds.
"Don’t tell me it’s just that I’m in a bad mood. Take it out on your sister and tell me the truth."
"Yes, I just saw that she was particularly unpleasant at that moment." Dead fish generally looked up at Yan Shoucheng and saw Qin Yanfang dragging his neckline and simply turned over to sleep.
"Get up and don’t sleep." Kneel on the soft bed. "You don’t want to sleep tonight unless you make it clear." Qin Yanfang broke off her shoulder.
"Mom, are you bored? Do you care about others taking a shit and sleeping?" Yan Shoucheng thought that he got up early in the morning and went to class, but now he is so sleepy that he can hardly keep his eyes open.
"I’m your mother and I don’t care who you and I care about." Qin Yanfang rested her hands on her hips.
"Mom, who did I learn from Bai Yan Jiahui’s stinkiness for half a day?" Buried her face in the quilt, Yan Shoucheng had some muffled sounds echoing in the big bedroom.
"Psst" felt a scalp prick. "Mom, why are you pulling my hair?" You can’t turn around and Yan Shoucheng sees Yan Jiahui holding a wisp of his hair.