Behind the new killer, we slowly walked up the stage, and Ziyue and his brother also appeared at this time. When all of us were on stage, the crowd gradually quieted down.

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Staring at the crowds, the new killer is different from the usual serious attitude and said
"It’s been about two years since we entered this game, and the new God of War has been established for more than a year. This period is not long, but it has also established a very strong feeling among all of us. Today’s achievements are all made by all of us working together. This is an honor for everyone. We are very proud to know your companions. You are really a group of best teammates."
"Although we are going to be separated today, everyone should know that network separation is not forever. We will definitely meet again somewhere. Thank you for accompanying us along the way to support and struggle together …"
The word "thank you" can’t really represent all our feelings, but we really, really thank you very much.
We made a 90-degree bow to everyone to show our gratitude.
When we stood upright again, some members of the stage covered their mouths and their eyes were red.
"Don’t be like this, everyone ~ ~" The new killer scratched his hair awkwardly. "It’s rare for me to talk so seriously today, but you look depressed and someone is crying? Am I saying it sucks or are you too moved? 」
Relax, laugh as usual, and make faces at everyone.
"And everyone knows where we are going, right? I’m not afraid that I won’t find us. I don’t know if someone will ask me or someone else. Honestly, I really want to incite you to jump ship with us, but in this case, the game company may send someone to assassinate me. I’m worried about my life … Let’s schedule! How many batches a week? 」
This remark made everyone laugh, and the sad atmosphere was instantly diluted a lot.
"Hey, I said it’s true! "The new killer pretended to be serious and said," You must never frame me. Remember to contact me when you want to change jobs so that I can arrange it for a while. "
Speaking of which, there are a lot of fireworks in the night, which is about to end when the activity is about to wake up.
After the fireworks, our past images show scenes of fighting, bickering and time-lapse in the night, such as looking back at the same time to lead us back to the past …
"I really want to say goodbye," I sighed.
"Yes, it’s coming to an end." Ziyue has the same feeling as me.
"It’s not over, it’s over." Flame Star corrected "There will never be a Gae Over in the online game world."
"That’s right." We smiled at each other.
"What exactly is your new game? "Labra asked curiously," Why have I heard that the beta tester said that the new game is a very strange game? 」
"Yeah, I saw the discussion on the Internet, too," Ironic Fantasy echoed.
"You’ll know when you play." Yan Xing smiled mysteriously.
"Ladies and gentlemen, new game and new situation, shall we make a new bet? "Asked the new killer excitedly.
"What to bet on this time? 」
"the same! Let’s see who is the best in a month! "The new killer cited the same example.
"Chat" Absolute Killing immediately returned the ticket.
"It’s not fun to play something once."
"Otherwise, who knows the most? 」
"The solution is to enjoy the process and have a chat."
"That, that see who earn the most money? 」
I’m not interested in business.
"Fight with np? Sabotage of public property? Find the most bugs in the game? Harassing g? 」
"… do you know what you are saying? "Flame star look gloomy query.
"Yan Xing, take the new villain back for re-education." Absolute killing suggested.
"Hey hey don’t do this! When we get to a new game, we must have a new fighting spirit. If we want to have a new fighting spirit, of course, we must have a new goal first … "
"You put out our fighting spirit."
"Then rekindle it! Burn it, everyone! Try to burn your souls! Let’s move towards a brilliant new game together! Create a new theory in speaking! Huh? Why do you feel so evasive? 」
"Flame star took him away …"
"… I’m not his nanny."
"Hey, hey, dear cohabitant, don’t do this ~ ~"
"Let’s book it at two o’clock in the afternoon when everyone is online at the same time," Zi Yue suggested. "Don’t sneak away! 」
"If someone steals away, everyone will take turns to cut him! 」
"Haha, that’s a good idea."
"Let’s practice for a month and then see how other people are," the Black Warrior continued.
"The person with the lowest degree should be punished." Absolute killing will follow his words.
"Hey, isn’t that what I just said? "The new killer protested.
"This time still want to make some achievements! "I smiled." We want to be an unbeaten myth in every game! Say it forever! 」
"good! 」
"What! This is just like what I said before! ….. and ignore me "new killer depressed flat mouth.
"By the way, it seems that I didn’t see any suspection.i, Lucifer and MASK today? "I was puzzled and asked," Didn’t you say you invited them over? 」
"Yes, yes! "The new killer kept nodding and criticizing." These guys have no conscience. We’re leaving them, and no one even came to see us off! Gee, I still regard them as brothers! Damn it! These bad kids! 」
"Don’t cats know? "Yao Ri explained the reason." They entered Fable yesterday to create roles. I heard that their practice progress is very fast. "