An inch long and an inch strong, it understands that this kind of combat decision is made because …

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After completing the retreat, Berrossi suddenly burst into the side position of Ji Xinghe, and the mecha completed the charge. At this time, he waved his mecha combating Dao again and cut it sideways to Ji Xinghe.
Once again, the spear that belonged to it stopped its combating Dao, and it retreated again, stretched its distance, charged again, rushed forward and slashed its combating Dao, which was also the side of Ji Xinghe.
In situ almost didn’t move the position of Ji Xinghe fuselage has turned half a circle. With Berrossi retreating, rushing and slashing, he controls the mecha and completes a complete 360-degree turn.
During the whole turning, his spear blocked Berrossi’s five knives.
So Berrossi determined when he needed to complete the in-situ turn, but Berrossi did not give up this kind of attack in circles. Its retreat distance changed a little farther, and it continued to circle about meters away from Ji Xinghe.
Swing for four or five meters to wave is a knife chopping in the hand. The mecha combat knife collides with the spear head in an instant. It completes the swing again and swings for four or five meters before wielding the knife.
Until now, watching Harris, Qin Tong and others finally understood what Berrossi chose to fight.
In short, it wants to appear behind Ji Xinghe, because it has been broken before the camera behind Ji Xinghe.
Ji Xinghe can’t see the attack from behind without the view angle from behind.
The turning angle required to keep turning around in the same place is much smaller than that of Berrossi, but the problem is that he is in a defensive position and can’t be sure when Berrossi attacks when he is circling.
This precaution makes the turning angle smaller, and it is not much faster than Berrossi when he needs to complete the turning. Calculate the performance advantage and completeness of Berrossi’s mecha, and his attack on Berrossi gradually becomes inferior.
Mecha and mecha fighting is different from human and human fighting, and it is also different from human and orangutan fighting.
No matter how perfect the existing operation mode is, there will be a certain time delay if you want to have ready-made maneuver.
Many times, if you want to complete the maneuver, you will be deformed for various reasons.
One lap, two laps, three laps, four laps.
Pulling meters away from Berrossi is getting closer and closer to Ji Xinghe, leaving about seven meters away. This is the limit attack distance of your gun tip when you stand sideways with your hands holding a gun and Ji Xinghe standing still.
One meter distance is not long, especially for the mecha.
However, if Ji Xinghe is regarded as the round edge of the center where Berrossi is constantly wandering, then this one-meter indentation means that the circular area defended by Ji Xinghe’s spear is reduced by two meters in diameter.
It takes less time for Berrossi to walk around. It frequently slashes mecha combat knives and the collision frequency of spears rises again.
Bang … bang … bang … bang …
When the two weapons collide, the sound is dense again, and it is still necessary to turn around in the same place, and the steering load borne by Ji Xinghe is getting bigger and bigger.
Ordinary people will feel dizzy if they turn in the same place for more than a dozen times in a row, but Ji Xinghe’s speed of turning is relatively slow, but he needs to keep his concentration on defense.
The collision of weapons will not produce an impact force, but turning around in the same place in the mental height will produce a dazzling feeling for normal mecha.
When Ji Xinghe couldn’t turn, it was the time when Berrossi completed the assault on the mecha and slashed his spear and hit his mecha.
Has the battle been going on for a long time, and finally the winner will be decided?
Team Xinghe all mecha are ready to charge again. Harris and Qin Tong, the two real super mecha, are also ready to charge.
This time Chen Xun didn’t stop it.
He was one kilometer away on the roof of the car, aiming at a gun in a dust storm. Drops of sweat appeared from his forehead, and the personal protection on his back was soaked.
This state should not have a top sniper, but the problem is that he can’t see clearly and fight with Ji Xinghe in Berrossi.
Blind mecha can give him a visual angle and customized reconnaissance equipment such as reconnaissance mines can give him a visual angle, which is enough for many snipers to give up their guns
And belrose’s continuous movement makes it more difficult to hit a sniper with one shot. It is even more difficult because he confirmed from the information revealed by Marquis Kazeman that Berrossi’s mecha made a lot of tungsten-steel alloys.
Can he really play through the protective armor of Berrossi mecha?
There are many nervous people, but this does not include Ji Xinghe. Up to now, everything is under his control.
But the communication silence mode has been started, and he can’t tell others this to reassure others, and he has no spare energy to talk like this in battle.
Sweat also overflowed in his body, just like when he fought in the dust storm for the first time while driving the 16th generation standard mecha of the common federation. When he finished breaking nine imperial mecha, he was drenched with sweat.
Physical fitness finally approached the limit, but he did not feel dizzy as Berrossi expected.
He can still fight, he is still waiting for an opportunity, and a Berrossi is also waiting for an opportunity.
Hum …
When the mecha’s core engine continues to ring and is close to the limit state, Ji Xinghe’s defensive eye pierces the spear head and bounces up to a far advanced height when it is picked by the mecha’s combat knives.
Is now.
Berrossi finally waited for this opportunity. At the same time, it suddenly accelerated and rushed into the mecha’s charge. Before it could really complete the mecha’s combat knives in its hands, it was already waving again.
When the fatal blow is coming, Ji Xinghe has already retreated.
Strictly speaking, he didn’t retreat, but directly charged sideways. When he stabbed the gun just now, he predicted that he couldn’t stop Berrossi’s mecha combating Dao. He didn’t complete the attack and turned around synchronously.
To maintain the status quo, his mecha almost turned his back on Berrossi and charged forward directly.
be over; be doomed
Seeing this, the federal mecha finally panicked because they all knew that the camera behind the mecha’s head driven by Ji Xinghe was destroyed.
With his back to Berrossi’s charge, Xing Hegen couldn’t see the attack behind him, and he couldn’t see the distance between Berrossi and him at this time.
Can you run?
Federal mecha were about to launch a charge to rescue Ji Xinghe regardless of the consequences of breaking the rules when they saw a change that really decided the outcome of the battle.
Just finished the charge, Ji Xinghe suddenly jumped up and the mecha’s feet were off the ground, and at the same time, he had already completed the turn and maneuver.
As high as 47 meters, the federal mecha completed the turn around in the middle, and before it was completed, the spear in its hand was already thrust out.
If you can’t see it, you can’t hit it?
If Han Lizheng was watching this battle, he wouldn’t be as worried as his mecha, because he had been shot in the chest by Ji Xinghe because his sight was blocked.
That time was the time in the virtual world when Ji Xinghe pike had no spear head.