This is another time since the Cultural Revolution that the army of the Republic appeared as a volunteer in a foreign battlefield, which is of great significance. More importantly, this time it is no longer to support neighboring countries, but to support a country sent from outside Wan Li or the most aggressive general in the whole country. Can it be said that the Republic has given up the illusion of self-sufficiency and started to adopt more aggressive policies to deal with the increasingly urgent resource crisis? At that time, there was a lot of international discussion. Of course, what other people thought about pandas didn’t matter at all. Should we send troops or send materials or land another Yun-10? A large number of materials were unloaded, which caused a burst of cheers.

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"It seems that it is the right way to transfer the Yunshi project to the army."
Looking at the tarmac, the brand-new military transport plane flying wolf sighed.
The black shirt smiled. "If we hadn’t bought a plane for flying with enough money, I’m afraid this project would have been sentenced to death?"
The flying wolf said, "What can we do? The country needs money everywhere, and the big plane is burning money, and the income is slow. It is not urgent to cut it. Although it is painful, it is understandable. I don’t want to see so many experts and scholars’ hard work disappear."
The black shirt said, "The benefits of a big plane are still obvious. Without a big plane, it is impossible for a dreamer to start an army first. Fortunately, the country has not given it up."
The flying wolf said, "Otherwise, the country would have a headache if it transported so many soldiers and materials to Belan in such a short time ….. the instructor came!" "
It’s not a man and a woman coming towards them. The man is handsome in uniform, while the strong woman is graceful and charming in black. It’s easy to regard her as a white-collar worker.
Beauty ignores her terrible lethality. The two mercenary leaders stood up in awe and saluted "Good instructor!"
Liu Weiping gave them a military salute in return, and then extended his big hand to hug the flying wolf tightly and said, "It’s good for veterans to see you!" "
The flying wolf also hugged the instructor. "It’s good for the instructor to see you!"
A pair of comrades-in-arms who have been away for several years don’t care about the surrounding eyes and hug together. They refuse to let go and come to meet people with the flying wolf. The soldiers are moved to watch this scene. This is the true friendship between comrades-in-arms that can stand the test of time. One day, all brothers are brothers. Even if they meet after ten or twenty years, they will hug each other and say, "It’s good to see you!" Blood condenses into friendship and will not fade for a generation.
Han Yajie coughed and said, "Hey, pay attention to an image of Xiaoliu. Don’t you say hello to others?"
Liu Weiping laughed and let go of the flying wolf’s back. He zoomed in on the soldiers and called "Hello comrades!"
The soldiers are uniform. "Good instructor!"
Liu Weiping is full of enthusiasm. "Comrades have worked hard!"
If the soldiers thundered, "The instructor has worked hard!"
Liu Weiping simply yelled, "Comrades are tanned!"
The soldiers shouted the tsunami, "The instructor is darker!"
Liu Weiping "…"
What kind of soldiers does Han Yajie laugh at? This guy is making trouble and bringing out soldiers. Of course, he is not a good boy. It is not that easy to mess with them! But then again, I haven’t seen him joke with the soldiers like this for many years. Now that the tiger is finally released, of course he is excited and shows his sex …
It’s been a long time since the president sent the motorcade out of the airport. The Belan government obviously knows that this major general will give high-standard reception. All the dispatches are the best bullet-proof cars. Even the most elite head of state guards escort the flying wolves. However, Liu Weiping found four or five bullet holes in the car at a glance. It seems that this country is really not peaceful. However, the residents of Belan capital still come to meet the constant throwing of petals at the motorcade and the feeling of pure salt. Friendship and enthusiasm are really touching. After many wars and frequent bomb attacks, the capital has been ruined, but Belan people are still optimistic. The flying wolf said that it was because they killed the Freedom Army a few days ago and removed the cancer that directly threatened the capital. This clean victory was given to Belan people. I hope that the whole capital was dead before. People are alive and have no direction.
Hope is like a group of puppets that are about to fall apart. Liu Weiping insisted that the driver shake the window to wave to people, causing higher cheers. He smiled. From these simple people, it can be seen that it is not a problem for Africa to make an iron friend like Batie. But first, he must help Belan break the neck of those European robbers who like to start wars and kick the eggs of thieves to death!
That’s what he’s good at, isn’t it?
Chapter 13 Bloody Li (1)
This is a famous gold mine vein in Africa, which is almost astronomical. The wealth stretches for 500 kilometers in the mountains. This is the wealth of Belan, but it is also the most horrible place in Africa.
Although the land in Kimberly is barren, there are still millions of people living here and growing corn, cassava, Palm gave birth to their hard work and wisdom, which once made this place not suitable for developing agriculture prosperous. However, when the gold mine was discovered, everything changed. Warlord armed forces marched into the mountainous area in a mighty way. They seized the top of the mountain, stood on their own feet and tried their best to expand their territory. They tried their best to mine gold mines in the most primitive way. Because of their greed, the conflict of interests among civilians became increasingly fierce. They chose to destroy Kimberly warlords and deliberately slaughter Kimberly by the militia. In just a few years, more than 100,000 people were killed and became warlords’ animals. People have to leave their homes when they are born, and they wander around married with children. Refugees Kimberly’s fields are barren, and then sunrise and sunset. There are still blockhouses, teams of beasts, militia and piles of bones in the ravine, silently telling the sky and white clouds about their tragic experiences.
The evil that happened here is not the first time in Africa, and it will not be the last time for Africa to want African countries without a strong government and a strong national defense force. This evil will never end. The question is, will foreign countries allow them to have a tough government and a strong national defense force? The answer is self-evident.
Sixteen hourly workers have finally come to an end. The miners dragged their tired bodies and chains to get a little food from the foreman to fill their stomachs. By the way, they got a small bag of white powder. This is their salary this week. When they returned to their residence, everyone was enjoying the intravenous injection with a syringe in threes and threes. At the first week of salary, the boss said that the cash flow was not good, and everyone was given a little high-purity heroin. The next week, the cash flow was still not good, and a little heroin was given to everyone. Because in the third week, no one went to ask for wages. The drug abuse rate here is as high as 100%. They are also the group with the highest HIV infection rate. A dozen people can’t get sick by ferry with a dirty syringe, but no one cares about it. They put it mildly, miners are slaves and animals. Any militia can torture and kill them at will. Before they come to this person’s hell, they lose their families and everything. They are just walking dead. What are they afraid of?
Coulloume, a tall man, sat in the corner with that small bag of heroin and watched his companions scramble for syringes. He was a musical Belan, straightforward, bold and aggressive, and had a long-distance hometown in the mountains.
A beautiful hunting ground and a happy family, but all this was destroyed by the damn rebels. The rebels rushed into his village in silence like hyenas. When they saw men, they killed them. When they saw houses, they burned them like wild animals. Mountain people’s shotguns made desperate resistance. In the rapid shooting of ak rifles, their resistance was emotionally shattered. All the participants’ heads were cut off to hang stumps. Coulloume was lucky. He killed seven rebels with hunting knives and bows and arrows, but was taken to this terrible place. His family did not have this. It was lucky that several children were caught by the rebels, and their legs were thrown to the tree and their wives were trampled to death. Whenever I think back to this scene, blood almost tears his eyes. He knows that he will never give up revenge in his life. Of course, he can’t be an animal for warlords.
The warlord’s best tools to control them are poison and bayonet. He can cope with it temporarily with his bare hands, but he has to touch poison to keep a healthy body from heavy work. It is unknown whether his great strength can maintain Takumi, but he still insists that there is hope if he persists.
"Animals, you’d better not give me a chance or I’ll make you cry!" Looking at the sentry swimming at the door, he thought silently
A skinny miner came up and asked, "Coulloume, are you still not going to touch this thing?"
Coulloume said coldly, "I don’t want to die so early!"
Thin wry smile "do you think we have to live to hope? I’m telling you, people who enter here can’t get out alive! Either the mine collapse buried you alive, or the foreman beat you to death because you were not pleasing to the eye, or your strength was squeezed out and thrown into the mountains as garbage for hyenas to eat. Forget it. It’s really a good thing for us. It will make you forget all this for a while. "
Coulloume threw heroin at him like garbage. "Take it. I don’t want it. I hope if I live." He didn’t say something. Before the attack, he learned that Belan had allied with that mysterious and powerful country in the East and obtained a large number of advanced weapons. And that hospitable country helped them send the general general of the God of War, who had plunged into the world’s three great powers not long ago. Belan is changing rapidly. If he is still alive, there is always hope to see that he has been reborn. Even if he told, people would regard him as a stupid fact.
Coulloume’s generosity won a grateful look.
Kimberly city
Unlike the desolate mountainous areas, hotels, casinos and brothels are all here, and of course casinos are the most.
Every night, you can always see naked women in crowded places to solicit business. Some warlords will still pay miners, and those miners will get paid in the evening and go to town to throw their hard-earned money at gambling tables and women’s bodies. Heel can also think that these casinos and brothels are also warlords, but they just turn around in the hands of miners
A pair of Asian men and women on the roof of Kimberly Hotel watched all this quietly. They were all dressed in black and followed by a group of refined bodyguards. It seems that they were businessmen who came to seek gold.
"Poison, women, and bayonets constitute the cornerstone of the warlord’s rule over Kimberly. I don’t know how many lives disappear into the dark mine every day." The girl sighed.
Nan Shen said, "I hope this is the last time we see such evil."
The girl smiled and turned to ask a bodyguard wearing sunglasses, "Are those big bosses here?"
The bodyguard quickly made a phone call to inquire about it and replied, "The boss will be here soon."
The girl said, "keep your eyes open. Don’t eat too much. I don’t know yet. You know, dealing with us is all old foxes!"
A long line of high-class bullet-proof cars is coming towards the hotel. There is an armored car in front of it. The king of grass is the king of grass. It is no wonder that Kimberly’s top five warlords have arrived at the same time to discharge such a battle. It is no exaggeration for a genius to know how many people want their lives. The motorcade has not stopped yet, and a large number of ak and 16 elite guards have jumped to quickly seal off the whole hotel. When the propeller stirs the air, it makes a rumbling sound. Not to mention that even the armed helicopters have been dispatched. Suddenly, the hotel is full of chickens, flying dogs, jumping devils,
The man looked at his lips with great interest and gave an objective evaluation of "five!"
The girl smiled "bursts" and said that the fighting capacity of these guards is five. According to this clown ranking method, the five bases are a slag. Of course, there are worse things. For example, some miscellaneous troops of Belan Defence Force are directly two words! But then again, these guys’ fighting capacity is really lower than that of five, and being a bodyguard is also earth-shattering. Don’t they know that this kind of chaos is what a senior agent or killer wants? It is this few minutes of chaos that is enough for an agent or killer to wait for the prey!
In any case, this group of five elite divisions of combat effectiveness still kicked out the people in the hotel, and the hotel was deserted until now, when they were tall, short, fat or thin.
Only a plane or a big warlord with a big face dare to take a bulletproof car and take the stairs. The two big bosses strode to welcome the enthusiasm and extended their right hands. "Welcome!"
A warlord weighing more than 100 kilograms looked at the young men and women with a smiling face and a wealth-making smile with some disbelief and asked, "Are you the representatives of the Yanlong Group?"
The man said, "This is Miss Han Jie, our project director, and I am her right-hand man Wei Ping." He took out his business card and handed it to several local tyrants.
Several local tyrants read the business cards and confirmed the mistake before the two guests shook hands and exchanged pleasantries, and then sat down to start negotiations.
Han Jie said, "Thank you generals for coming to the appointment. I think we can definitely sign a contract that will benefit everyone a lot tonight. This is the information of our group. Please have a look." It is very capable to command the assistant to distribute the information. The information is very detailed, but it is not very big. If you have to rely on the other party’s information to understand the Hakka dialect, these local tyrants should not be mixed up. They have spent a lot of manpower and financial resources to investigate the background of the Yanlong Group. This is a black and white group that is very popular. It was established five years ago and began to appear in the form of gangs, and then slowly bleached They have started legitimate business, such as exploiting oil, for example, mining and processing diamonds in Africa. The group is the most profitable company in Java with strong financial resources. Of course, they have also done a lot of mafia business. If they can make huge profits, they will not let go. I didn’t expect that they would reach out to Kimberly with such an appetite.
A warlord defiantly said, "Director Han, I have up to five tons of goods in my hand. I wonder how much you can eat?"
Han Jie said, "We’ll eat as much as you have. It’s easy to say."
The warlord said, "What a sigh! Do you know what the cash price is per gram? Eating six tons in one breath is not afraid of dying! "
Han Jie said, "It’s not enough to support us to death with six tons, but it’s more like sixty tons."
Several local strongmen gasped.
The warlord, who is as fat as a fish ball, said, "I also have six tons on hand, but that adds up to twelve tons, not counting others. Do you have the financial department to eat?"
Han Jie said, "I want you to get it and ship it."
The warlord looked at each other and felt a little confused about each other.
Concluding remarks
The disastrous volume is finally over! Long live!
From the bloody skirmish to the presidential palace shaking hands and making peace, this volume has been written for 200 chapters. Many readers are impatient, right? There is no compactness at all. Here I sincerely say to all readers that I am sorry, but I am still very ashamed to stumble. Of course, part of the reason is that I have to run to the Internet cafe every day because of the hateful network cable. Now I am better, but I can’t find my state. Please forgive me for ending this volume in a hurry.
The story has been written for nearly 2 million words so far, and this speed really surprised me. I can really make it up! Of course, as the story unfolds, the most prominent problem comes, which is that it is far from being as handy as it was at the beginning. Sometimes, I can’t write a word for five or six hours in a row. It’s easy to start, but it’s difficult to finish it. Many plots are often unable to pick up and the language is drying up. These problems are all big problems, or how to say, sticking to the end is victory. I am ashamed to write jokes here, make a lot of common sense mistakes and become more and more boring. There’s no way. I don’t understand a lot of things, but it’s hard to have to write jokes. Of course, I should also accept criticism. I came to this volume to write those three stooges to make everyone laugh easily. I didn’t expect to write this sample. This is probably my old habit. When it comes to war, it becomes very rigid and has no sense of humor. This habit must be changed. Otherwise, I’m afraid no one can stand it, but I can’t blame me for the fact that war is a very serious matter. Fortunately, those three stooges don’t believe that the situation is alive,
The war in Africa can be called a concentrated world war. There are many countries participating in the war, and the situation is more tragic than that in Vietnam. In this war, all countries participating in the war paid the price of blood. Some people got what they wanted, some people didn’t get anything, and some people lost a lot. This fierce battle was flattened by Liu Weiping’s nuclear blackmail. Although both nuclear weapons were fakes, the war was finally extinguished in the fluorescent dance, but it had far-reaching influence. It was not a year or two before we could see history. A sharp turn here led to a series of emergencies in the world political situation. After all, war is not a military game, and it affects the world all the time. It will lead to what kind of consequences. Genius knows that the NATO camp has been plunged and the Warsaw Pact is also thankless. The Cold War will become more intense and will gradually change into a hot war. No country will not feel frightened when facing the dragon with a panda-like simple smile but the Vietnam War is getting stronger. Southeast Asia is about to be on fire all around-
If you can’t burn your house and burn your next door, it will also hurt you. This is what the robbers think. Liu Weiping’s game will make Zhongnanhai angry. He will be removed from all his posts and keep the military. This is the price he must pay. After all, some edge balls are not so good at dealing with the chaos in Southeast Asia. It depends on him. After all, no country will be stupid enough to remove his post and give him a bigger stage. This doubt is very wise. How to unfold a story? I think twice.
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Chapter 14 Bloody Li (2)
Fat as a kangaroo warlord, rubbing his chubby hands a little vaguely. "Well, I have a large number of original diamonds in my hand. I wonder if you have such a big appetite?"