Xuanpeng was startled. He suddenly realized that the emergence of a brainwave was a master. As a result, the other party melted with one punch. This is a sign that Kunlun Fairy was beaten to death. He accidentally killed a Kunlun Fairy. Xuanpeng couldn’t help but feel uneasy.
"Ha ha ~" Luo smiled very much. It seems that he knew someone was eavesdropping.
"Brother, did you know this person’s side?" Xuanpeng is not white
"Not only do I know, but I also know that he digs holes at home every night." Luo said with a smile.
"That elder brother, you still talk about the Kunlun high thing?" Xuanpeng is not white
"Silly brother, if there is no chaos in these three realms, how can we have a chance? There is chaos and chaos. The so-called external chaos is not chaotic …!" Luo raised his hand and tried to pat Xuanpeng on the shoulder, but he was still able to reach the big forearm.
Chapter five hundred and twenty-seven The strongest on earth
Buzhoushan Game Company Gate
The security guards here are very experienced in the face of troublemakers.
Generally speaking, pulling banners, blocking doors, splashing paint and sending shroud are all pediatrics.
Old security guards are often so arrogant after a little drink that they are almost as good as new security guards, that is, nearly a year ago and more than a decade ago. These twenty years of experience as security guards in Zhoushan is almost equivalent to a spy war drama VII.
There have even been cases in which security guards were kidnapped and players pretended to be security guards and entered the bad mountain department, trying to paint their faces with their own hands.
Later, as the game "Plane" was a real-world rumor, the vicious incident of smearing shit was much less. However, many religious people didn’t chant scriptures at the door of Zhoushan Company and hoped that God would come to this world.
But today is a little strange.
One looks vain and fat, holding a backpack and mysteriously coming to the security guard post and saying to the security guard, "I have the evidence that Vientiane Xiandi betrayed Kunlun Xianzong to give to Buzhoushan!"
Is this man sick? The security guards want to
74 is a bureau-level unit
Set up a liaison office for external information, hereinafter referred to as the outreach office, which is responsible for receiving all kinds of intelligence information
"No, there’s news from the Beijing office in Zhoushan that a player wants to give us a piece of information."
"What information? Is there a township of Yueluo? How can you think of handing it over to the game company to find Vientiane Xiandi? "Director casually replied.
"It can’t be handed over to Vientiane Xiandi because it involves Vientiane Xiandi colluding with the visitors of the heavens to betray Kunlun Xianzong orthodoxy …"
Listening to the report, the director cried a little stupid, and then his anger floated to his heart.
"talk about it!" The director struck the table.
"That … how to deal with?" The report asked the man
The director has a headache. If he doesn’t handle this kind of thing, he will feel insulted by his IQ, but he sighs "show me the information first"
"There is a little key evidence in the information. The player said that it would cost 5 million to sell it to us."
"Five million …" The director pinched the eyebrows, but it’s not true that the island’s money is blown by the wind.
"Let’s have a look first," said the group leader.
An image appeared on the screen.
From the crack of the door, you can see the conversation clearly. A young man in black and a strong man nearly three meters tall look at the two men. The group leader immediately eyes a clot and … Xuanpeng? These two are key figures, and the director naturally knows them.
After the emergence of Yueluo Township, 74 residents were analyzed in detail.
The three residents, Luo and Luo, should be connected, but the intersection has not yet been clarified.
It is speculated that the pheasant should be a’ adherent’ who has broken the only root fruit.
And Luo?
Is Luo a Dapeng with golden wings? Is it brother Xuan Peng? Is it Peacock King?
The secret is solved in this video.
"It turns out that Luo Zhen is also a root fruit adherents, but a god made a deal and incarnated into another god in the heavens …"
Another key point is
"He said that the mountain soldiers also did this to trade Kunlun orthodoxy … hehe"
Director don’t believe it, not to mention whether the chat between Luo and Xuanpeng is true or not, just say that the strength of Luo and Xuanpeng is far beyond the crossing limit at the moment. Why can a player record this key information with 90% confidence? This is a deliberate provocation … Luo this guy is a’ Loki’ character.
But this kind of thing is not something he can make a decision.
"Report to the director."
The director thought about it and remembered another thing: "Go and ask this player to come over and get his information."
I want to fly and give some information to Buzhoushan’s home to wait for news.
He is a little uneasy and doesn’t know if he will have a result.
Now he searches the Internet for various opinions about whether "Plane" is a real world.
There is a great possibility of talking a lot.
Although the country has not certified this matter, it has not been publicly denied.
This acquiescence encourages the corresponding news.
Many people speculate that it is necessary to digest this fact in the hope of not causing social unrest. For example, in another 20 or 30 years, another generation will grow up together with Alien, and then Alien has become a part of the social phenomenon that people are used to seeing. It doesn’t matter whether it is published or not.