Still sitting on the waterfall and being hit by the current, Pei Wende feels that his mind has been completely relaxed.

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"It is an eternal truth that knowing is easy and difficult."
"But knowing the way forward is always much better than groping in the dark."
This is to break the cognitive barrier-spiritual transformation!
Chapter IV Remodeling Roots, Fawu Fellow Practitioners
"Knowing has already done it, and the next thing to do is doing it."
Pei Wende naturally felt a certain feeling after he had a preliminary grasp of the mind.
It should not be so difficult to think for yourself and then to settle down.
Although it may not be possible to settle down while walking, sitting and lying down, finding a quiet or familiar place to settle down is as simple as sleeping.
Thought of here, Pei Wende finally understood a question in his past life-what is it that once the protagonist meditates in most novels, he doesn’t need sleep?
The so-called "concentration" is actually another form of deep sleep.
Once you master the corresponding skills, normal people can quickly enter a deep sleep state and make up for their energy consumption in a very short time.
A yogi like Pei Wende can make use of this special sleep state to communicate with his own vast subconscious mind, and achieve some unimaginable effect to outsiders.
Pei Wende feels very settled in the highest level, perhaps that is to say, the realm of the immortal Buddha who picked up the remains of the dream sea and preached in the dream.
Don’t tell me, Pei Wende felt that he remembered some details that he had forgotten for a long time after this meditation.
Past lives and Pei Wende need a little effort to remember the difference again, but it takes time and energy.
"But what I still can’t see clearly when I was born?"
Just like looking at flowers in the fog, Pei Wende remembers most clearly that his first memory was being held in his infancy by Zen master Ling You and walking outside Shan Ye.
In addition, a little further on memory, Pei Wende’s memory is always as hazy as looking at flowers in the fog
Pei Wende knows that this is not normal. After all, he is not a real baby. Even if his brain is not fully developed, it is absolutely impossible to have no impression at all.
"Is this why the old monk has been unwilling to teach me to practice?"
"Is there a’ earthworm’ in He Xuanquan?"
I haven’t thought about this problem for too long. Anyway, Pei Wende has already determined that he must be hiding some secret.
Possessed by a swordsman’s fierce spirit or stared at by a mandrill monster …
Pei Wende felt that Zen Master Lingyou would not show too surprised expression when he said that he was born as a monty and a magical child was reincarnated.
After all, in a sense, the soul comes from the 21st century, and Pei Wende is indeed a "traveler" who is out of place in this era.
"In order to fight against the unknown, or not’ crisis’, we still have to prepare early."
Suddenly spit out a mouthful of polluted air, and Peiwende slowly hit the waterfall.
"The body is the practice of revolutionary money, which is the unchangeable truth in any era."
Just like every practice, when Pei Wende spat out a foul breath for a long time, he could clearly feel an amazing synergy of his internal organs.
This is the externalization after the root chakra is opened, and it is also the reactivation of the individual evolutionary ability of Pei Wende.
"In the past life, this should be’ a hundred days to build a foundation and be reborn’!"
All you can do to Pei Wende is to stabilize your body with the waterfall and temper your body with the impact of water.
This is a very primitive and very harmful training method.
Even if Pei Wende has a spiritual master to teach breathing, it is easy to leave too many dark wounds.
But at this moment, Pei Wende can clearly feel the movement of every organ in the body with the flow of qi from his own heart.
And with the impact of waterfall water, there is an active vitality that is actively repairing those damaged organs to keep this body at its peak at all times.
It is refined by vitality, and it is also called "essence" by Taoist practitioners and "qi pulse" by Buddhist practitioners.
"Rebuild the foundation and be free from vulgarity …"
"The yogi and the mortal are really no longer the same species."
Strengthening the vitality and strengthening the impact of the big water to oppress Pei Wende’s body is strengthening at an amazing speed.
Or rather, Pei Wende’s body is adapting to his will and evolving into a more powerful form-human rather than human.
Just like those martial arts who temper their bodies to the extreme and can tear up tigers and leopards.
Pei Wende is chasing at a speed visible to the naked eye, aiming to surpass them for decades and then reach the peak of human physical fitness.
However, this is not enough, because restarting and accelerating evolution can only make Pei Wende catch up with them in physical fitness.
Pei Wende’s next job is to surpass them in fighting skills and fighting energy.
As mentioned in the previous article, if enlightenment and wisdom make Pei Wende a "genius", the foundation is to have "knowledge"
Then Pei Wende’s basic practice of "knowing" is to learn and accept knowledge and train and strengthen physique.
Zen master Lingyou taught all kinds of secret methods …
Brother Hui Ji occasionally gives advice on boxing …
Pei Wende himself read the exercise theory in his previous life …
It took him a little practice and exploration to gradually understand that things are being digested and absorbed by Pei Wende at an alarming rate.
Pei Wende has the talent to surpass those who have practiced martial arts for more than ten years in just a few months by cooperating with the root chakra to reshape the root bone.
"It’s like hanging up …"
Quietly feeling the surge of vitality in my body, I saw Pei Wende form a king kong seal with one hand and a magic seal with the other.
If there is a trance, if there is a golden light, Pei Wende’s palm will circulate and send out the brilliance of evil spirits.
This is definitely not the ability that ordinary martial arts practitioners can possess, but the embodiment that Pei Wende embodies his own life force and method of printing into his own fighting techniques.