Although the essence of the secret of war is to seize and control the opponent’s weapons with one weapon, it can also affect the opponent’s limbs to some extent, especially for Cleopas, whose huge tentacles are his weapons

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It is inevitable that the so long extension from his main body will be influenced by "soft creatures"
Suddenly arrival, the secret influence of soldiers, Klee rapps’s tentacle power seems to have weakened by two points, which is what Lu Chen wants.
He doesn’t care about the strength of the flesh tearing, but he seems to cut the sun, the moon and the stars and split the tide to see the light.
Harsh sparks burst into Lu Chen’s bones and muscles, and all the people watching this side were shocked. He actually swung the Klee rapps tentacles.
Lu Chen turned around and dashed to Cleveland with his feet empty. rapps’s huge body was aimed at a scarlet eye like a star.
Klee rapps was a little surprised. He didn’t expect this human being to affect his tentacles in a strange way for a moment, but he didn’t panic at all. Because this human being didn’t have enough strength to break through his defense, he could avoid the softness of his eyes if he moved slightly at this distance.
In other parts of the body, the man broke through his defense by root.
Since four or five tentacles have risen from the virtual sea, it is by no means heavy and slow, but it is gathering in the middle of his body with an overwhelming trend to lock Lu Chen’s retreat route.
If Lu Chen is frustrated in front of his god, he will crush him in a flash.
Lu Chen’s knowledge of heaven and earth extended and disappeared instantly before the trunk of Klee rapps’s steel mountain body.
Go straight ahead and "sprint to death" skill launches the eyes of God to locate him. He shuttles behind Cleveland rapps.
This is the moment when he has never shipped skills before and has been waiting for a final decision.
Facing Klee rapps defenseless behind him, he pulled Irina out. "Come on!"
Although Irina is a little stupid, she also knows that this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to put her hands on this body and launch the guardian suit skills.
A film like moonlight instantly enveloped Klee rapps, a grumpy ancient god who slowed down when waving his tentacles.
His eyes, like scarlet blood moon, are slowly closing, and his body tends to sink under the traction of natural forces.
People watching the vigil in the distance can’t help but feel excited when they see this scene. They don’t know much about the effect of the guardian suit, but after seeing Lu Chenchong fighting for his life, the state of this crazy ancient god seems to have changed. There is still hope in this era!
Liu Chen took Irina and slowly retreated to Cleveland, rapps, where several tentacles flapped against the sea and set off waves. The guardian’s moon dream suit really has skills!
As time went on, the effect of his active skill of God-eater ring was lifted, but Lu Chen failed to seize the remaining time to attack the defenseless ancient god.
It was a battle before death. It has been proved that this thing is made of real leather and thick meat. He made every effort to kill the king, so sharp weapons can break through the defense.
Moreover, according to his experience, this level of biological resilience is extremely strong. Even if he turns back to the front and attacks his fragile eyes, it will cause fatal injuries, but it will wake up the ancient god and return the disaster to the earth.
"Mr. Lu, we succeeded!"
Irina was overjoyed to see this scene. She had some doubts about the effect of the Guardian suit. After all, it was her first adult, and it was less than a year.
Liu Chenxin was relieved and finally avoided the end of the era.
"Back to …"
Before he could say anything, he suddenly grabbed Irina’s neck and pulled her back rudely, while her figure suddenly retreated.
A tentacle rose from the sea level and hit him and Irina directly.
"How is it possible! ?”
Irina did not complain about Lu Chen’s rudeness and rudeness. Looking at this scene, it is unbelievable that she just succeeded, and this ancient god is really heavy.
Liu Chen took Irina away for thousands of miles and went back to the side near the southern coast with a dignified look.
"You did it. The Guardian suit worked."
Lu Chensong Irina told her to retreat. "But you are too weak. He slept for less than a minute."
Irina and Klee rapps’s mental attribute difference is ten points less, and the skill effect is greatly reduced.
Irina looked anxious. She could feel that the strength of the man in front of her was declining. It seemed that she had consumed too much physical strength. How can she fight now?
Is it really as recorded in the Lost Notebook that if human beings struggle hard, it will be the law to resist the end of the era?
"You leave with the team and I’ll catch up later."
Lu Chen felt that he was being locked in. This time, he actually felt an "emotion" from the ancient gods. Cleveland rapps seems to be very dissatisfied with himself. This is not an illusion.
Is it really because of what Lu Chen did that old gods woke up?
Explorers, the world’s public frequency has been in a mess. They know more about what Lu Chen is, and it is normal for explorers to have several temporary skills to improve their strength.
"It’s over, it seems that the boss has passed the state. This broken world root will not give a way!"
"I still have a forced return prop. I feel that it is time to be punished rather than die here."
"I went to the brothers do you have any extra? Buy heavily. "
Whether it’s the seeker or the night watchman, the long night is full of despair.
Lu Chen looked at the mountains gradually approaching the coast and felt depressed. His main attribute has dropped by 13 points, which is incomparable with Klee rapps.
At this time, he suddenly felt that his physical strength had climbed up again, and the familiar smell surprised him a little.
Lu Chen suddenly looked back and saw that long wine-red hair was surprised, angry and afraid.
He roared, "What are you doing here? ?”
He didn’t complain that he didn’t have a way out, but he was afraid of the red-haired girl. She personally rushed to the most dangerous battlefield, and he had already saved the day.
"Come and run with you or … die together"
Yuan Ye, who painted pears, ran like a dancing elf and looked into the distance. Liu Chen smiled.
"Brother Lu came to the steam machinery country, and we have a successful cause."
Chuhang Tuanpin Avenue clearly realized that the situation was wrong.
Painting pear clothes is a temporary deal with the seeker to buy a random scroll. She believes that her luck will send her to this battlefield.
Although Lu Chen didn’t say it, how can it be safe to be stared at by the ancient gods?
Lu Chen understands this truth, and she understands it, and Lu Chen will not be the kind of person who will introduce disasters to the mainland.