The Yellow River burst will die, and many people will have a huge wave, which will deal a heavy blow to the national economy. If they do not support the emperor’s practice, they can imagine that the emperor will be angry once the Yellow River burst occurs.

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If the emperor says that the practice can really consolidate the soil, it will certainly reduce the flood of the Yellow River. Even if it can’t, it will be the emperor’s own mistake. He will be embarrassed to break into a furious rage, and his ministers will be safe.
In this way, the ministers had no idea of resistance, so Su Yonglin insisted that the national policy of returning farmland to forests was passed by the court.
The imperial court will begin to plan the implementation of this strategy, send people on-the-spot investigation and determine the way to do things with the least loss of strategic thinking in order to make the local people not feel too strongly disgusted.
The policy of returning farmland to forest was passed by the imperial court and is ready to be implemented, but the effect of the policy is slow, and this "standard" can not be ignored in this period
After the diversion of Kaifeng Dihe River, the Yellow River has to be treated.
In this respect, we still have to pay a lot of manpower and material resources to strive for the return of the Yellow River to the old road of the Eastern Han Dynasty, and don’t torment the people of Huai and Huai again.
Su Yonglin asked water conservancy experts to jointly formulate measures to change the Yellow River back to its original course, no matter how difficult it is, no matter how much it costs, no matter how much manpower and material resources it needs, he will do it.
He will do whatever it takes to kill all the people in the Central Plains.
At this time, someone came out of the meeting. The Huaihe River basin is not ruled by a big country. Song Guozheng controls Huainan land in the south. If the Yellow River is well regulated here, wouldn’t it be beneficial for the Southern Song Dynasty?
Although the harnessing of the Yellow River is bound to regain its vitality, if the Southern Song Dynasty can also benefit from it, should we negotiate with the Southern Song Dynasty to harness the Yellow River and let the Southern Song Dynasty do something about it?
The person who made this suggestion was none other than Shang Lin Jingchun of the Ministry of Finance.
Lin Jingchun, who is good at finance, has put the finances of big countries in order, but he is not unaware of how tight Su Yonglin is because he has too much to do.
And how much does it cost to control the Yellow River? After a little calculation, Lin Jingchun felt that his heart was a little fast and his blood pressure was a little high. He felt that he would not sleep well at night.
He began to rack his brains to think about how to save money, and suddenly thought of the Southern Song Dynasty.
If the big side squanders its efforts to manage the Yellow River well, the Central Plains will certainly be safe, and the Huaihe River will also be safe in the Southern Song Dynasty. He is very dissatisfied with the fact that the Southern Song Dynasty may be able to reap profits.
"At the beginning, it was the Song people who diverted the Yellow River, which caused them to fail to control the Yellow River many times. Not only that, Tokyo stayed in Du Chong and dug up the riverbank to make the Yellow River swim into Zeguo. This responsibility is the Song people!"
Lin Jingchun gnashed her teeth and said, "If you don’t let the Song people pay the price, you will suffer a big loss. I must ask the Song people for a little shame and not let them continue to be so ashamed."
Chapter 631 Song Ting must pay the price.
It’s true that Lin Jingchun’s statement has caused some social officials to talk about it.
And as time goes by, more and more people agree that Lin Jingchun is right.
As a result, Song Ting had to divert the Yellow River and changed it, which was a great failure because the Yellow River diverted out of control and the flood caused the death.
Let’s not talk about the post-Du Chong thing. This man will be nailed to the historical shame column forever, and he will be spurned forever. He will kneel down and continue his infamy forever.
But didn’t anyone go to Song Ting to get back the price?
Didn’t Song Ting need to pay the price?
Suo San Yi Hui River is because Song Ting can not take back sixteen prefectures and toss about the Yellow River.
The Yellow River levee dug by Du Chong was also an idiot’s general exercise by Song Ting, which ruined the national luck and ruined the good situation.
It is said that the emperor of the Song Dynasty and his decision-making team are the ones who have pursued the highest responsibility.
They are duty-bound, and they must pay for it.
Not to mention that this issue is really worth discussing for the government.
As the saying goes, the Yellow River has made such a big crime, and you, Emperor Zhao and the literati, are hiding in the south and having a good time. Leave the Yellow River to us to deal with the evil. Is it wicked?
After Su Yonglin’s long-term propaganda, the Central Plains area, especially Henan, Shandong and Hebei, was really very disdainful and dissatisfied with the small court in the Southern Song Dynasty. I felt that they didn’t think they were full of negative views on them.
You Zhongyuan has now recovered Imakiayahito, and the government has been established. For the people of the Central Plains, they don’t need to have any expectations and fantasies about the Han separatist regime in the south.
Of course, there are accounts and complaints
Betrayal, abandonment and all kinds of tossing new hatred and old hatred flooded my heart. What else can I say?
So Lin Jingchun said that the middle-level bureaucrats who specialize in the work of various ministries in Shang Province all agree with Lin Jingchun’s opinion that the matter of managing the Yellow River cannot be paid by the big court in vain, and the Song people must pay the price
Su Yonglin really didn’t think so, because it seems that he has begun to make Song Ting pay the price.
Not to mention Su Changsheng and Zhao Yucheng, who were sent to the south to develop the revolutionary base area, only said that he could plunder a lot of copper coins from the Southern Song Dynasty by privately launching a large-scale private salt trade on the Song border.
Just a few border States in Henan can earn two million yuan a month, and Haizhou can earn one million five hundred thousand yuan a month.
That’s not to mention the fact that there are still several salt smuggling teams and channels under construction in the Ministry. I think we can get through the channels and start making profits soon.
At that time, Su Yonglin predicted that he could earn about 60 million yuan in profits through the private salt trade with the Southern Song Dynasty.
This huge sum of money is continuously injected into the financial funds of the great empire, among which the empire has made great efforts to restore the vitality of the Central Plains and give financial support.
But Su Yonglin suddenly felt that what Lin Jingchun said was not unreasonable.
It’s the Zhao emperor who is guilty, and it’s the scholar-officials who rule the sky together.
They can’t recover their own food, Yanyun can’t cope with Liao, and they are afraid that Liao will go south from Haihe River to the Yellow River at that time, break through Hebei, attack Kaifeng, and try their best to change the direction of the Yellow River.
And the result?
The failure of the project resulted in the great diversion of the Yellow River, which led to the death of hundreds of thousands of people in the country of Qianli Zeguo directly or in succession. The Zhao emperor and the literati committed enough crimes to drive them into ten levels of hell and never be allowed to live again.
Now the whole middle reaches of the Yellow River are suffering because of these bastards. Henan, North China and Huaibei are always in danger because of the great diversion of the Yellow River.
The Yellow River does not flood, and the weather is good. Fortunately, once the flood breaks, Henan, North China and Huaihe River are in danger, and the hard work of farmers along the coast will be destroyed all year round.
This is a sword hanging over the head of a great empire, and I don’t know when it will fall.
Su Yonglin can’t watch this sword fall. It’s inevitable to harness the Yellow River.
But harnessing the Yellow River is a big project.
Wang Jing, the most famous successful case, mobilized hundreds of thousands of non-commissioned officers, civilian workers and 10 billion yuan to open up thousands of miles of river banks in one year, so that the Yellow River would not be diverted for a hundred years.
Hundreds of thousands of manpower and Su Yonglin can afford it in a year, but it’s really a bit difficult to invest tens of billions of dollars.
When Wang Jing ruled the river, he experienced Guangwu Emperor Liu Xiu’s rule of the country and accumulated the emperor during the Eastern Han Dynasty. It was during the period of the Eastern Han Dynasty that the national strength was super strong, the official administration was clean and the national treasury was abundant. Wang Jing’s success in governing the river had the right time, the right place and the common driving factors.
It is really difficult for Su Yonglin to say that he can surpass the Eastern Han Dynasty when mobilization and policies continue.
Su Yonglin wrote in his reading history that Wang Jing paid attention to thrift and spent less money. He still invested tens of billions of dollars to successfully complete the diversion of the Yellow River, which shows how much it costs to control the Yellow River.
The empire didn’t have Liu Xiu’s accumulation of running the country for more than 30 years. Su Yonglin also opened up many places where he spent money on his projects. Moreover, the situation of the Yellow River at this time is probably worse than that of Wang Jing when he faced the Yellow River.
It is conservatively estimated that the investment in river regulation will double.
If this investment is invested by the empire itself, even if the construction period is prolonged and the results of one year and two years are not pursued, the imperial finance will still face a very difficult situation
Su Yonglin knows that she has too many things to do.
Not counting the investment of the fixed army, even those grass-roots political structures such as administrative villages and townships can spend a lot of money, not to mention Su Yonglin’s literacy campaign.
Again, the education reform plan and the imperial examination reform plan need to invest manpower and material resources, as well as the continuous investment in Liaodong development, the training of judicial officials and the investment in the development of the Renaissance Association.
The whole imperial finance is like being turned on the tap and going out.
Although the empire does control the grassroots, even after abolishing exorbitant taxes and miscellaneous fees, the tax revenue is quite large. When making financial expenditures, Jing Chun will also pay attention to lengthening the financial burden when implementing policies. Under normal circumstances, there will be no living beyond one’s means, and there will even be a little financial balance.
Nai Su Yong Lin inherited the Central Plains, which was destroyed by Jin and Song Dynasties. He accepted that it was as difficult as hell to restore it.
Even so, Su Yonglin never thought of retreating and exhausting his life energy. He also wanted to restore the vitality of the Central Plains. In the early days of the founding of the People’s Republic of China, Su Yonglin invested too much, and he did not exploit natural law as much as he did in the Song Dynasty.
After Lin Jingchun settled accounts, he felt that although the empire had the righteousness to manage the Yellow River and protect people’s livelihood, didn’t the Song Dynasty figurines need to bear the responsibility?
After understanding these things, Su Yonglin began to think that Lin Jingchun said something-
Although it is said that managing the Yellow River is the greatest benefit to oneself, wouldn’t it be nice if you could squeeze some money from Song Ting, who is rich and oily?
Living means saving a little. The more you save, the more budgets you can get elsewhere, right?
There may be many differences in dealing with the Ministry, but the differences in dealing with the Southern Song Dynasty are not
Su Yonglin’s strong military command ability and strong combat effectiveness gave imperial officials great confidence. They didn’t think the empire would suffer from such a thing at all.