Lin Ying fought back a smile and said, "OK."

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Qing Muyang put away the playing cards on the table and then shuffled them in a scratching way.
After washing the cards, Qing Muyang didn’t move. He stared at Lin Ying with his eyes straight, and then turned his attention to the black cat.
In this way, Qing Muyang stared at Lin Ying and then pushed the black cat with two eyes.
Lin Ying was puzzled by Qing Muyang’s move.
"Is there anything on my face?" Lin Ying touched his face and asked Qing Muyang strangely.
"No" Qing Muyang answered simply.
Looking at the eyes that are bigger than cows, Muyang Lin Ying continued, "Then why don’t you deal?"
Qing Muyang’s mouth is flat. "You haven’t bet yet. How can I deal? You must bet first and then deal, or you will default."
"When Mr. Liu loses, pretend to be ill because of Ma San, a small blue pill. I’m not that stupid. You must note us first."
"More bets?" Lin Ying has some words.
Gave Lin Ying a green MuYang white way "of course, otherwise I will play with you in vain? In that case, I might as well talk to the little nurse. Hurry up and note that I am very busy. "
When I heard this, Lin Ying was even more vocal. Brother, you dragged me to play cards. What kind of trouble are you making now?
"Hurry up" green MuYang a face of abandon and then constantly urged the Lin Ying.
But Lin Yinggen doesn’t know what to take.
Lin Ying glanced at the two zombies and had a brainwave. "What did they bet you?"
Hearing Lin Ying’s question, Qing Muyang touched the bar. "They bet me that if I lose, I must go with them. If I win, they will serve me as my younger brother."
Speaking of which, Qing Muyang’s eyes lit up. "Why don’t we gamble like this? If I lose, I’ll be your younger brother. If I win, how about you be my younger brother?"
Qing Muyang said this in the middle of Lin Yinghuai
Although this young Muyang has some mental problems, his actual skill seems to be very strong. Wouldn’t it be another thug to take him in as a younger brother?
I heard that Lin Ying immediately promised.
Seeing Lin Ying, Qing Muyang promised to shuffle the cards immediately.
Lin Ying let the black cat squat down on the table and fight the landlord with two people and one cat.
This picture makes people feel funny, but it happened again.
After Qing Muyang dealt the cards and cleaned up his cards, he reached out and prepared to take the card in front of the black cat. Lin Ying immediately stopped "No, you help it to come by itself."
When Qing Muyang heard this, he immediately withdrew his hand. "Can he do it?"
"He can do it.
The black cat is controlled by Lin Ying’s royal beast. The beast Lin Ying is connected with the black cat. All actions of the black cat are controlled by Lin Ying.
For playing cards, Lin Ying controls the black cat to clean up the cards in front of him in order like people and then buckle the table.
Soon a game of cards came to Qingmuyang and lost.
Qing Muyang was angry and wanted another game, but then he lost.
Both black cats and Lin Ying won in a row, which made Qing Muyang very unhappy.
Qing Muyang threw a card and said, "Don’t fight, don’t fight. Now I’m out of luck."
Lin Ying laughed at this sentence.
Hey, hey, I’m a black cat, a black cat is me, and it would be strange if you didn’t lose.
Looking at green MuYang Lin Ying asked "that this bet? “
Hear Lin Ying green MuYang face changed and then gradually flushed with suppress "this I won’t default you what’s the hurry? “
Lin Ying smiled at the words of Qing Muyang.
Hey, hey, I have a younger brother.
I don’t know how many people will spray me in this chapter, but I wrote it like this, hahaha
Chapter 19 You have a big deal.
Qing Muyang lost.
Lin Ying and the black cat have the spirit to unite one person and one cat to look at each other’s cards. It is simply too simple to play cards. Two games of cards have been played and Qing Muyang lost miserably.
But Qing Muyang doesn’t know this.
Qing Muyang also simply cashed the bet immediately after losing.
See green MuYang threw a poker in his hand and came to Lin Ying with a nondescript fist and said, "Hello, big brother."
Then the green assessment turned to the black cat and said, "Good second brother."
"The second brother? Poof! "
Lin Ying couldn’t help laughing when she heard Qing Muyang calling Black Cat Second Brother.
Qing Muyang is called the second brother of black cat?
Lin Ying couldn’t help laughing. "Hey, you don’t call it second brother."
Green assessment smell speech immediately serious way "that how line? I’m willing to lose the bet. Since I lost, I should call you big brother and second brother. "
Looking at a serious face, Qing Muyang Lin Ying waved his hand. "Well, suit yourself. Well, I’ll sit down and introduce myself. My name is Lin Ying."
Qing Muyang nodded at Lin Ying. "Well, Lin Ying’s eldest brother is good. My name is Qing Muyang. Everyone calls me crazy. After that, you call me crazy. What’s the name of your second brother?"
Hear green assessment asked Lin Ying touched the way "it? It’s called Xiaobai. "
Xiaobai is a black cat name.
When Lin Ying Imperial Beast succeeded, she got the black cat-based information.
At that time, Lin Ying learned that the name of the black cat was Xiaobai, and she suddenly spoke out.
The name Xiaobai is a black cat. The owner of the second cargo took it as a black cat but named it Xiaobai.
Green MuYang turned to the black cat nodded "small white second brother is good"