"Well, there is no doubt about the shocking performance."

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I must learn the fact that I have bought an erhu, but I know nothing about it.
Adelaide laughed when asked what he thought was better than suluo, two high-profile musical talents.
"I’ll give up cleanly compared to erhu, but I shouldn’t lose compared to piano."
Handsome, elegant and humorous, the piano king and the hot and sexy Camilla have won unanimous praise from reporters, but the praise is good. When writing articles, gimmicks are still needed
Camilla, the princess of Sogeum, said that she wanted to talk about a love affair with suluo.
Adelaide invited suluo to fight. Let’s compete on the piano.
Brushing the screen in suluo and Erhu News are madly brushing the screen.
Netizens looked at Camilla’s pretty face and her demonic sexy figure and quickly ran to suluo and Weibo to bomb, urging suluo to continue to win glory for the country and push Camilla away.
At Adelaide’s arrogant invitation to fight
No matter how awesome you are at piano, we also support domestic products and suluo.
Besides, suluo’s piano is also great, okay? Although I haven’t seen him play any difficult songs, he means that Geyeer is definitely great. There is no musical instrument in suluo. Anyway, I am so stupid that I can’t breathe. Let Adelaide come here and let’s compete with erhu.
The popularity is so high that it explodes. Watching all kinds of news on the Internet, Situ Wenhua really feels that he has stopped suluo from rising strongly. He knows in his heart that according to his own inference, this is definitely a key point, and it hasn’t come yet.
Manic, panting, staring at the brain screen and looking ferocious after a smashing vent in the office.
"If you have a chance, I’ll show you a little flaw and I’ll ruin your reputation. Give me a chance, just once."
Tonight, the network is very popular, or the network has always been very popular. Without suluo, the protagonist always feels that something is missing.
"Come out and pretend. Come out and show off in an ostentatious manner. We will allow you to show off in an ostentatious manner this time."
"Come out and talk. Don’t pretend to be low-key at this time."
"Come out and brag. I haven’t seen you brag for a long time. Are you bloated?"
Netizens have been calling for suluo for a long time, just not showing up, just like nothing happened, which made netizens very upset.
Then keep bombing, and I’ll blow you out anyway
How can you wake up a person who pretends to sleep when netizens think too much?
The peak "Shang Yan sky-high price can’t be picked up"
Suluo "does not pick up"
Brother pao "does the advertisement endorse the sky-high price?"
Suluo "does not pick up"
Peak "TV shows can’t take variety interviews, everything"
Suluo "does not pick up, does not pick up, does not pick up"
Suluo’s negative attitude made Gao Feng very dissatisfied with DreamWorks’ attitude. How can this attitude work? Just about to say a few words, Brother Bao quietly pulled the clothes and took the goods away.
Suluo can’t answer anything, but the old dean can’t help but take a long sigh and press the on button to quickly lift the mobile phone far away. Sure enough, once connected, it is a sweeping scolding.
This rhythm is so familiar, it has already formed a conditioned reflex. After the violent master vented, he put his mobile phone to his ear.
Scold the master but hung up directly. My feelings are just a special call to vent my emotions.
What a grumpy old man. Let’s take a look at it.
Segmented reading 72
Practice erhu hard. Girl Xia Han hasn’t left the house today to practice erhu crazily.
This hard-working and earth-shaking scene, old dean, have you seen that heaven has eyes? Xia Han is actually practicing seriously. In addition, please take care of your old man’s house and the girl has prepared a big surprise for you.
After listening to it for a long time, it’s really a talented girl. It doesn’t take two days to get serious. It takes one day for the big devil.
But how can DreamWorks handle things without a flaw and pick out mistakes?
It’s disrespectful to the leader. She pushed the door and went in, bossing around and making trouble, and then the Xia Devil picked it up and threw it out.
Obviously, it is a mistake to estimate the form. The Xia Devil doesn’t belong to him, or can he be trampled on in minutes?
If you don’t take a reason, I won’t take a reason. Move your hand. I’ll go to find Gong Yu’s baby and push Gong Yu’s door again. Is it that the girl is still driven out by love? I don’t know what to study in front of my head without a word. I can’t stand this torture.
I’m a real owner. I’ve been praised outside for a long time. It’s really hard for Reagan to be unpopular at home
Then you can find a baby with the highest status in the family. There are thousands of ways to succeed. One of suluo’s favorite is to hold her thighs. Well, it’s absolutely right to hold her little angel thighs.
Or is your precious disciple good, clever and obedient? Master believes everything he says, and his face is full of my precious master, who is the best.
"Come and taste this."
"People don’t want to eat Caicai."
"What about this? Master Rourou made it himself."
"Well, this is a good time."
Cosette’s baby will shake his head if he wants to taste satisfactory food. His exaggerated expression is so cute that suluo can’t help but hold it up and take a sip.
Chapter one hundred and thirty Teacher and pupil warm heart everyday
Everyone can see that suluo is very wrong, except staying with the baby. At other times, everything is not pleasing to the eye. For a while, he shouts that the chain of his baby hanging basket chair is rusty, squeaky, squeaky, and noisy. He has to change the ceiling to a star pattern so that he can lie on the sofa and look up at the stars.
"Where are suluo people?" Gao Feng asked.
"Teaching the baby to play the piano in the piano room," replied Tang’s mother.
"The whole world is looking for him, and I don’t know how to deal with many things waiting for him to nod. How can he be so leisurely?" Gao Feng was a headache.
It’s been a whole day. The baby is either in suluo’s arms or riding in Botang, suluo. Mom looks at it with a headache. A group of people in DreamWorks look at each other. suluo really wants to spoil the baby.
Tang Yike will follow his mother back in a few days, and so will Brother Bao, who is a bit sad to see this cargo when he is unreasonable to Sue, shrugged his shoulders and said to the peak.