"… wait!" Mark blinked. "Where have you been?"

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"American Embassy in Eastlands, didn’t you say that you were sent to Eastlands when you wrote a letter?"
Mark couldn’t help covering his forehead.
No wonder a worker at the Dong Guo Embassy called last month and said that there were some things Mark didn’t take with him …
Cold case dismissed!
Mark looked at his angry sister in distress and asked, "Did you send it by FedEx?"
Annie nodded and looked at Mark like an idiot and said, "Fox also has FedEx. You won’t forget it, will you? I remember you and …"
"Stop!" Mark reached out with a black line to stop Annie from breaking the news.
I told you, Fox history is his black history!
If technology advances in the future and machines appear, Mark promises to go back and warn himself at the first time.
Glancing at Anne Mark, she explained, "Send a sapling from here to Dongguo by FedEx. By the time there, the sapling will have grown into a big tree!" "
"… no!" Annie said after listening is also some in distress situation!
Mark nodded gravely.
I know how many procedures it took to send a parcel from the United States to the East in 1999, especially to send a fedex.
In fact, these letters have not been lost, and Mark feels a little incredible.
"… now you can tell me at the end of the day what audition I attended …"
"Thomas came out …"
Mark is praying in his heart that his sister, who doesn’t know the truth, must not go to Hollywood for an audition, and Anne said quietly next to him!
Just give Mark a blank stare!
Thomas Lewis!
Mark’s younger brother is ten years younger than Mark and two years older than Annie!
"… do you think the closet is what I understand?"
Mark’s sky-blue eyes were wide open. He looked at Annie and nodded gently!
"My emperor!" Mark couldn’t help covering his forehead.
When he was a straight boy of steel, he was even more deadly poison to unmarried ladies in Fog Fox …
Just then!
The door was beaten from the outside again …
Kate took a packed suitcase and bowed her head to change shoes.
Looking at a pair of brown ladies’ sports shoes next to me, I was slightly stunned!
Look up!
"Elder brother-"
Chapter 26 Break off your brother by yourself
Dining table!
Annie seems to gobble up the food on the plate and wrap it in her belly in minutes.
Mark grabbed a fork and looked at his girlfriend next to him. "Don’t ask her if she was like this when she was a child …"
Anne looked up at Mark and gave him a big white eye. She swallowed and said, "Alice asked me about you."
"Who is Alice …"
"Alice is my brother …"
"… classmates!" Mark answered the phone and threw a direct eye warning at Annie.
Are you kidding? Talking about childhood friends in front of your girlfriend is a disgrace to her ex-girlfriend
Don’t want to live, right?
What’s more, the ex-girlfriend lives longer than ordinary people, and it seems that even after a hundred years, her appearance will still be fixed at about twenty years old.
Kate glanced at Mark and smiled. "Honey, you should also know your history. We did a background check when we were dating."
Personal protection of the office of the President of the United States is to set up a white oval building secret service.
Not to mention getting married, even if an agent is in love, there is a special agency to conduct a thorough investigation.
But if anything is wrong, you still fall in love and go directly to the police station to talk about history!
Mark waved and said, "I’m not as proud as I used to be!" "
"Ho ho-"Kate laughed directly. "You shouldn’t be proud now."
Mark glanced at the expression on Annie’s face as she sat opposite the two men, covering her mouth.
Shook his head and said grumpily, "Tell me Thomas and what’s wrong with you. I’ve only been away from home for fourteen years. What? A girl who wants to grow up to be a nun will become an actor and my younger brother, who is well trained by me, suddenly bends himself …"
Mark is a little absent-minded at the thought of it!
The emperor gave a steel straight man a needle to catch a turtle, not to stir shit.
This is just …
Annie looked at Mark with a fork and said, "Mom says it’s all your fault!"
Mark directly glanced at his girlfriend next to him and said, "Hi, my orientation is normal. I have known how to transport myself flexibly and accurately since I can remember …"
"Mark!" Next to Kate, the more she listened to it, the darker her face became. She kicked Mark and woke up. "Annie is not twenty-one years old!" "
Mark immediately shut up and waved his hand. "You know anyway, but what’s my fault?"
"well…… …" Annie looked at Mark with a round of her eyes and said, "This is what mom said, not what I said! The androgen department in the family left it to you, which led to Thomas not inheriting it at all! "
Mark was just about to grin, but he felt the warning in his girlfriend’s eyes and could sip his lips.