"I! Me! " Sun Fei’s face is hard

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Sun Feigen doesn’t want to go with Gu Cheng, but who will stop Gu Cheng from killing?
"Come with me!" Gu cheng leng Dao
A terrible momentum rushed at and suppressed all the people, and their faces turned pale.
Jiang Tai was about to speak suddenly behind the hall is to a sound.
"Hag Wang Gu City? How awesome! " But Sun Wuyin suddenly came from behind the hall.
As soon as Sun Wuyin came out, it was like a wave of gas that suddenly dispersed the momentum of the isolated city.
All sides suddenly rolled up thick storms.
Gu city face a heavy all around the strong suddenly show surprise.
In all directions, a sudden surge of firm but gentle swept the four sides, and the powerful sword in the world was powerful, and the momentum of the isolated city was rival. In general, a collision surface was formed in the middle, and the explosion storm swept across the four sides.
Slowly hit the gate.
Sun Wu in a blue robe slowly stepped out from the department.
"mortal? How is it possible? " Exclaimed the lizard fairy in the distance.
Sun Wushen’s breath is really mortal, but there is a violent shock wave around him.
"Grandpa, you are finally here!" The little witch immediately pounced on Sun Wu.
Sun Wu is laughing and touching the little witch’s head.
Sun Wu looked at Jiang Tai Jiang Tai and smiled.
Sun Wu nodded
"Mr. Bian Que has worked hard for you!" Sun Wu solemnly said
"I didn’t do anything, you don’t thank me!" Bian Que shook his head and laughed
"Mr. Wang is not good at using force, but his medical skills are rarely matched. Thank you very much this time!" Sun Wu laughed
Bian Que smiled modestly
Sun Wu went to the front of everyone.
"Who are you? I feel that you are familiar with it? " Gu cheng said coldly
"Hag Wang Gu City? Of course you don’t remember me, but do you remember my avenue? " Sun wuchen way
Sun Wu suddenly emitted a green light when he spoke.
Behind Sun Wu, there was a sudden virtual distortion and a general crazy rotation, which brought out a monstrous sword-shaped storm sweeping all directions.
It’s like a blue light beam passing through the heavens and the earth from Sun Wu.
Nine clouds suddenly whirled and turned blue and firm but gentle.
Shock wave burst out and suddenly let monsters in all directions be impacted by shock wave.
"ah! I was cut by shock wave! "
"Back off!"
The strong in all directions are retreating rapidly.
Sun Wu’s huge blue column slowly became clear behind him, but it was a piece of bamboo.
The vast green light of bamboo instantly dyed the heavens and the earth.
Several firm but gentle also slowly condensed, but it was clear that a bamboo leaf exploded in all directions.
Bamboo branches are lush, and bamboo leaves are like swords pointing in all directions.
Tongtian giant bamboo suddenly trembled slightly, and the shape of bamboo leaves was firm but gentle, which formed a storm raging all around. No matter how many strong people you are, you can’t compare with the number of bamboo leaves.
Sun Wu is smaller than the giant bamboo behind him, but it will set off the vast double.
Billions of bamboo leaves and billions of firm but gentle waves swept everywhere
Counting monsters and eccentricities is a retreat.
"Boom!" Gucheng’s whole body burst into flames, crashing to resist the attacks from all around, and several bamboo leaves were firm but gentle.
Although all the immortals are in trouble, their faces are ugly. At least, everyone feels a great threat from this giant bamboo.
"Bamboo on Bingjia Avenue?" Jiang tai consternation way
Sun Wu protects everyone from being affected, but this giant bamboo is shocking.
"The bamboo is straight and unyielding! An empty mind will last forever! Bamboo leaves are unstoppable like swords! Bingjiazhu Avenue! " The little witch proudly said
"The military commander’s road has been able to take shape, unlike the attack on the roots of the main road. It has been able to show the power of the regular sea road in the three realms, which is why the military commander is temporarily more prosperous than my Buddhist!" Bian Que small explained.
"The weapon is like a sword?" Jiang Tai eyes slightly narrowed at present Tongtian Avenue.
Not far from Gu City, his face sank.
"Bamboo avenue? So it was you? Sun Wu? But that’s like you’re still a mortal! " Gu city face a heavy way
"If the Tao does not stand a meteor, it will be immortal! I am not as good as you, but you are only a demon. I have a road to protect myself. I advise you not to make mistakes, or you will blame me for letting blood flow here! " Sun Wu said coldly