That is, Lin Ying’s chopping board put four lucky people and the old man together.

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The four of them and the old man sat on the chopping board in rows and looked very funny.
Lin Ying came out of the kitchen and found that they were now behind the cell.
There seems to be a row of low-rise buildings in front of them that don’t look like cells.
More like prison guards and prison management residences.
Looking at these low-rise houses, Lin Ying’s heart is alive again.
Let’s take a walk before anyone enters the prison and see if we can find something good.
Thought of here, Lin Ying approached the row of low-rise houses.
Sure enough, these rooms are for workers to live in, and you can still see zombies in these rooms.
But the number is very small.
So Lin Ying pushed five people to search short as they walked.
But Lin Ying searched more than ten rooms in a row and found nothing inside.
But when Lin Ying searched to the last row, Lin Ying suddenly found that this room seemed different from his room.
This is a room with a basement. You can see the basement as soon as you enter the door.
And the lock of this room is quite complicated. If it weren’t for Lin Ying’s violent cracking, I might not be able to get in.
Lin Ying was attracted by the underground room and walked towards the ground.
After walking about ten meters, Lin Ying found herself in an ammunition depot.
A large number of wooden boxes appeared in front of Lin Ying.
A lot of oiled paper in the box looks familiar with everything.
It’s a Chengcheng Huang bomb inside.
Lin Ying pried all the boxes and found that there were bullets inside and guns outside.
However, the gun style is always a bit of a bar.
Lin Ying touched these bullets and guns and suddenly felt a lot of sureness.
Lin Ying, the main purpose of their coming to the prison is to find ammunition. Now that they have found it, they can evacuate.
Lin Ying linked Wang Cai through spirit and asked him to tell Qing Muyang that he had found the ammunition depot and asked him to bring everyone here.
Then Lin Ying found it in the bullet.
It wasn’t long before Qing Muyang took a large group of people to the place where Lin Ying lived.
As soon as these flies into the basement, it’s like a wolf seeing meat.
"Wow, we are looking for ammunition, wow, rifles, rifles, grenades, riot gear, and shields." The shadow guards announced the earth.
"With so many bullets, our rifles are no longer used as fire sticks when they have bullets." There is a shadow guard next to them.
Lin Ying looked at these shadow guards and was very rude. She went to a pile of ammunition boxes avenue. "Everyone is quiet and said a few words. Now there are more bullets here. Let’s sort them out and see which ones we can and which ones can’t. There are also statistics on our original rifles. If the quantity is not enough, you can change the rifles here yourself. If you play, you should bring three bases first."
Lin Ying arranged work for everyone, otherwise these people will forget what they are doing here as soon as they get excited about ammunition.
When these people heard Lin Ying’s words, they suddenly woke up and automatically grouped and counted the ammunition.
All the people started to move, and the whole scene suddenly became busy.
Chapter 22 Great Discovery
It didn’t take long for everyone to point out the meaning of playing.
Cao Wendi handed Lin Ying the list with a face of excitement.
Finally, we have a hot weapon, and we don’t need a big blade array to cut zombies anymore.
Lin Ying took the list and looked at the statistical results, which was also a thrill.
There are 300,000 rounds of ammunition and various types of rifles, which add up to 100 light and heavy machine guns, 5 pistols, 100 explosion-proof 100 sets of shields and 30 faces.
What’s more, there are guns and shells inside.
No one knows the gun model and no one can make it.
Looking at these equipment, Lin Ying has a headache. Why are there so many weapons and ammunition here?