Hey, hey, whether you do something outrageous or not, you know it in your heart. I ask you if you know that Pangketai Temple is imprisoned in your jurisdiction. Instead of asking for help, you have to hide the imperial court’s secret detention of Dragonfly and ask.

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The Prince’s Temple was wronged. The official didn’t know that Punk Taidian was still alive until yesterday. Last night, the officer was in a state of war. He couldn’t see Tianyan and couldn’t sleep all night. Therefore, he will meet the Taidian immediately this morning. He hopes to tell the official face to face that the Taidian is eager to bet on the Taidian. It is a traitor. The official really doesn’t know that Feng Te is a dead duck and his mouth is shut. He will never admit it.
Looking at Feng Te’s poor performance, Dragonfly seems to have lost the mood of continuing to sharpen his mouth. Seeing Dragonfly gently waving a smile at Luo Cha, Luo Cha immediately took a piece of paper and went to Feng Te to let him watch.
Don’t look at it. It’s good to see that Feng Te can’t help but feel paralyzed. This is Mr. Zhang’s disease of Von’s extraordinary difficulty in sleeping. This is his governor’s name, and so is Mr. Zhang’s face-to-face testimony in the governor’s mansion. He will be based on Emperor Punk Punk Punk.
See clearly, Feng Te, you disloyal, unfilial and unjust guy should let me chop off your head. Unfortunately, this is a punk, and you are also a punk official. I won’t do anything to you. Now you can go back to Karansk and challenge my army to wait for you at any time. Hey hey, I’m afraid your head will stay in your neck for a few more days. Remember to tell the punk emperor everything if you want to live. In addition, in the name of the governor, you will announce to punk that Punk is living safely in Karansk for the last fifteen days. You need everything to get ready to release the news in Kecheng. Then I will say a few good words to keep your head when Emperor Punk blames you. Do you want to take risks and challenge the Dragon Army or take refuge in me? It’s up to you to do it now. Get out of my sight at once, the dragonfly thundered
Feng Te, the Lord of the Six Gods, was already shaking and even rolling and crawling around the Tianlong barracks. He looked at the former provincial governor with his head held high. Today, even the official hat should not be fled in haste. The people of Tianlong Army suddenly booed, listening to a burst of ridicule, the dragonfly could not help but smile, and the evil spirit dissipated in the past.
After the governor of Feng Te, Shiller still didn’t have a little leisure. Because the dragonfly gave the negotiation of the inferno to Shiller, after careful consideration, he finally changed the conditions for the Princess of Silver Needle to the inferno. Of course, the real alliance can be completed by flying Zi Long in the middle.
One day, the inferno punk court shocked the Tianlong Army once again, which became the focus of discussion in mainland China. Because of the unexpected disappearance of Princess Yinzhen and the fact that the inferno had obtained sufficient evidence from Zi Long to attack Favout as a token of her identity, the battle of the remaining human troops could be forced to stop. However, it seems that as early as the North Ghost King expected, he sent a command to the inferno troops to stop fighting and wait for further instructions at the first moment when he received the news. The North Ghost King hesitated to go against the wind, although no one knew what was on his mind, the human inferno war stopped again, which was all for the Tianlong Army, which was
The cessation of inferno war means that people will focus more on the upcoming Punk Declaration. When local forces in mainland China speculated whether the Dragon Army would cause a Punk’s wartime secret, Zi Long had already made contact with the Punk court with the news that Punk was already dead. Emperor Punk never dreamed that he would secretly hide this dangerous person. Although he knew that the Dragon Army was powerful, in order to eradicate future troubles, Emperor Punk decided to start a war and destroy his brother first.
When the war machine was about to move, Zi Long’s arrival made him give up the idea of attacking the Tianlong army by force. Shearer brought the punk emperor a very simple letter, but it was the most binding to the punk emperor.
Long live the Emperor of the Holy Punk Empire. I am the commander of the Dragon Army Expeditionary Corps of Bassos United Kingdom. Longfei Jieluo’s Punk Empire counterattacked the inferno. Although I entered the Holy Punk Empire, I did not report it, but I wanted to forgive a lot of emperors because of my urgency. However, a few days ago, our army went to Karansk to save its governor and governor, and two of your important officials attempted to attack our army in an attempt to protect our army from counterattack, but they tried their best to avoid hurting your friendly feelings. I didn’t want to find your long-lost temple from your governor’s residence after the battle to ensure its safety
For your country, Taiwu Army should be sent back at any time, but the common people have heard much about the Emperor Taidian. Although I will believe that the Emperor’s temperament will never be indifferent to brotherhood, it is indeed more difficult to guard against common sayings and rumors than to prevent Sichuan’s current Taidian from being weak and physically weak. After being sent back to your capital, it is difficult to protect your health and avoid the damage of the Emperor’s prestige. I dare to entreat the Emperor to allow Taidian to temporarily cultivate in our military camp and will definitely return to the palace when you are ill.
The emperor has been in Punk for three years, facing the inferno’s provocation, the country is rebellious and chaotic, and the world can admire it. It is regrettable that the Imperial Palace always remembers the rebellious attitude. Although I have tried my best to dissuade it, it has little effect, and I can induce it to agree with the Emperor Tianwei. Although this move interferes with your country’s political suspicion, it is indeed an act of resistance. I hope that the Emperor can understand my painstaking efforts. When I break the stubborn enemy of the inferno, I will definitely send it to your Imperial Palace.
If the emperor’s position is heavy, the people are fortunate that our army is fortunate that the emperor’s position is blinded by villains and the friendship between us is shattered, then the people will fall to the other side and our army will die at the end of a bloody battle. I am convinced that the emperor’s ignorance and wisdom will surely be powerful.
Although my presentation is offensive to heaven, it is a good medicine. I hope the emperor can wake me up, so I will worship Longfei Jieluo personally.
Chapter 4841 cemented situation
Shearer’s letter made Emperor Punk furious, but it stimulated Emperor Punk to realize the danger of Draco’s decisive battle. Not to mention, it was impossible for him to deploy enough Draco’s troops from the front line to rival the huge army. Even if he could defeat Draco’s army, the fact that he seized the throne and killed his brother was enough for heaven to revile. In addition, the letter has made it very clear that Draco’s army will stay too long, which means that Draco is ready for a decisive battle. Under the situation, Emperor Punk can change his face attack to assassination in secret, but it will be 650 thousand. It is difficult for the army to assassinate Punk Tai, so the best time to assassinate him is when Punk Tai is giving a speech in Karansk, so the emperor quickly called a group of cronies to get everything ready in the dark.
On the other hand, Hiller soon achieved the joint goal of Emperor Punk, so that Emperor Punk could think more about the adverse effects of face-to-face warfare on both sides and avoid the decisive battle of the exhibition of the main forces of Punk of Tianlong Army. From this aspect, Hiller’s plan can be said to have achieved decisive success, while Long Jun’s emphasis on picking up the main forces of Punk the day after tomorrow was put into the speech about to be too late. No one expected that Emperor Punk would not act, especially after Emperor Punk announced the execution of Governor Feng Te for treason and at the same time conferred the title of Punk Tai Rong Qinwang, Dragonfly Hiller knew that Emperor Punk must have prepared everything to assassinate Tai
In the case of constant disputes in the Ministry of Human Resources, Long Jun inferno finally reached an agreement. In the inferno, including punk king, one million captured human civilians were released in half of Favourite province. Hilary Longfei finally agreed to release Princess Yinzhen, but it will take at least half a year until Yinzhen returns to the inferno. After all, Longfei will not be stupid enough to admit that the land there has been occupied by himself when he leaves Favourite province.
Of course, to please the punk emperor, Dragonfly, gave this wonderful job of recovering lost territory to the punk emperor. This was done not only to gain even a little favor from the punk emperor, but also because it was impossible for the Tianlong army root to take Fawute and save the province thousands of miles away. More importantly, the Tianlong army was a powerful attack force root, so it was impossible to do those defensive tasks. In Luo Cha’s words, it was left to punk to do cannon fodder.
Emperor punk was very happy that Longfei was humble enough to come to the plum job, but when he heard some words, he was no longer happy. Because Tianlong Army captured the magic royal family and was ready to release the news, it was already in the people, that is, the punk army finally picked up the land, and the credit still fell to Tianlong Army.
There are still many doubts about the release of the magic royal family among the punk people, but when millions of civilians return to the punk human-controlled area one after another, this doubt is reluctant to change immediately. After all, the people are most concerned about whether their loved ones can be safe. From this point of view, it is indeed a wise choice for Shearer to change land and personnel.
Through constant political diplomacy, the name of the Dragon Army is known in punk land. In many areas, the dragonfly and others now name street shops. Of course, these places must be released from the inferno in large numbers, and there is also a trend of worshipping the Dragon Army in punk army. Writing novels about the Dragon Army’s two victories over the inferno has become the most important thing for those who have lived in the military career. Even some middle-level officers believe that the Dragon Army will become the backbone to resist the inferno. Faced with this situation, the punk ruling class, although eager to suppress it, is already unable to do so. At this time, the punk emperor realized that it is a wise
Form Zhongtian are waiting for the inferno quietly waiting for Princess Yinzhen and Emperor Punk waiting for the successful assassination. The newspaper Dragonfly is waiting for the best opportunity to counterattack the inferno. Punk is waiting for re-entering the historical stage. Punk soldiers and civilians are waiting for the inferno to be driven out, while the world will go to the right direction.
Fifteen days in a flash, everyone recognized that Tianlong Army guaranteed that Punk Tai ‘an would completely close the capital of Karansk a few days ago, but Tianlong Army showed its distinctive tolerance in a piece of paper.
Not only did Tianlong Army not seal off the town, but it did attend the swearing-in ceremony. This announcement became an opportunity to watch the fun in the eyes of ordinary people, an opportunity to make huge profits in the eyes of businessmen, a synonym for Jackie Chan’s flying stupidity in the eyes of politicians, and a symbol of showing dragonfly’s domineering in the eyes of soldiers. Because it is undefended, it is equivalent to tolerating hostile personnel to enter this doubt, which shows that Tianlong Army has all the courage to face it.
In the last few days, hundreds of thousands of people from all walks of life flocked to the capital of Karansk, which was not only mixed with various businessmen and adventurers, but also many people dressed in various colors were going to spy on the forces outside the city and send military analysts. However, the only one who didn’t show up in the crowd was the Tianlong army soldiers, who should be the main characters. The soldiers are still stationed in the military camp outside the city, and of course no one is allowed to enter there.
This is the tactic of God. According to Zi Long’s observation and analysis, the enemy’s main force assassinated about 500 troops, and the rest interfered with and confused about 20 thousand troops. Because of God, they will be mixed with millions of people watching the ceremony. Each of you must do your own work. Now all problems may cause irreparable situation.
SIRS General Tianyi Battle is not only a life-and-death battle, but also a battle to the master. Looking up to heaven, Long Junwei, I am a battlefield strategist. I ask you to be successful and not to fail. If a link is now accidentally engaged in military law, do you understand it? After arranging tactics in the camp, Shearer said to SIRS
Master, peace of mind, strategist, peace of mind, we will win the victory, dragon enemy, dragon will win, and all the people will be the same.
Hehe, this momentum is good. In fact, we have all the advantages of the right time, the right place, and so on. We should all be United, and the little enemy will be defeated and die all the way. You must be careful of your own safety. Don’t let the army cry on impulse. Dragonfly got up and smiled at many generals and said
Master peace of mind, master, we must keep it in mind that people are ready and neat again.
Well, I’m relieved. Dragonfly nodded with a smile and immediately said to Carol Snow, You are under the greatest pressure in World War I. The enemy target is definitely Punk Tai, who will definitely send an elite to attack the central podium, and I must protect Punk Tai from taking care of you in two places. When the enemy is now a powerful warrior, you can rely on Carol to resist alone, while the magic attack depends on Cher you.
Master, don’t worry, everything is rare for us. Carol smiled and said to the dragonfly. Obviously, Carol is full of confidence in the battle for the day. She said that he has been forced to wait. After all, since the establishment of Tianlong Army, Carol and others have rarely had the opportunity to fight the enemy alone. How can he let go of this opportunity?
Unfortunately, whether Carlo can realize his pro-war wish depends on whether the enemy can break through the layers of defense of Hildeb. According to Hildeb’s idea, the enemy is likely to launch a feint from the surface and then the real killer from the rear after attracting the attention of Longfei and others. Therefore, when arranging the battle, Hildeb will put the main forces with the largest number on the surface and the elite troops on the rear side. Because Tianlong chose the speech area to be located in the Central National Square, the capital city of Karansk Province, the platform may be attacked by the enemy in all four directions.
Although it seems that Shearer chose to seek the terrain, its reality is very particular. According to Shearer’s plan, the podium chooses its back to be close to the ruling hall. With its tall and narrow walls, the enemy can’t launch a thousand attacks. In this way, the enemy really wants to launch an attack from here, so it is bound to put the feint troops on the surface and lead the 10,000 Dragon Knights in Evergreen. As early as a week ago, Tianxiu even led the troops in Kalansk to charge up to 30,000 rules. When the alert of these 30,000 people and more than 20,000 people will be distributed in the area, it is bound that the enemy will not dare to put all his eggs in one basket and gamble on the success or failure of assassination, that is, the enemy will attack, then the evergreen elite combat power of the troops will soon destroy or stall the enemy and wait for the reinforcements of the huge troops arranged outside the city by Shearer.
The rear with the heaviest war load can be described as a combination of the elite fighting power of Tianlong Army, including Lei Chen’s ice and snow, Carol’s smile, Luo Cha’s thunder and other four brothers, and nearly 500 ice clan remnants of high-level magic are tied in the rear. Among them, Carlo’s ice and snow, thousands of soldiers will be the defensive force, while Lei Chen and others will be the main force to secretly meet the enemy’s first offensive. In addition, the podium will be left with dragonfly Punktai and the strongest guard is also dragonfly.
For this arrangement, according to Shearer, it is necessary to go to the dragonfly hand, so the Tianlong army is equal to losing half. From this point of view, Shearer has great faith in his own arrangement and is more convinced that the day battle will surely win.
On the other hand, the assassins’ troops preparing to assassinate Punk Tai are also engaged in intense and careful fighting at the moment. Although these people come from different cities, they all belong to Emperor Punk’s confidant. For them, no matter how powerful the enemy is, how much sacrifice they will pay. If Emperor Punk orders them, they will never hesitate. The two sides will prepare for the battle of wits for many days, and the curtain will be drawn at noon.
Early the next morning, the Tianlong Army mobilized except for preparing to enter the capital of Karansk to carry out the alert troops. Shearer ordered the troops to enter the combat state and sent Carlo to command the cavalry to block all roads leading to the capital of Karansk. The purpose of this is to ensure that the enemy will not escape, and that the cavalry can attack the enemy center at the fastest and most advantageous position as a last resort.
Dragonfly and other generals moved in their respective directions to the capital of Karansk. When the golden dragon army banner fluttered in the wind, it was said that where they came from, civilians or officers made the road admire and watched the dragon army move forward. Although the city of Karansk was already crowded at the moment, the dragon army was blocked everywhere. It seems that the prestige of the dragon army has been deeply inserted into the hearts of punk people. It is the first time that the handsome young figure in front of the public immediately attracted several people, either jealous or admiring the shining armor and silver knight sword. Almost every Tianlong army soldier at this moment feels better than Howe than Punk, and he is also infected by the momentum of Tianlong army. He seems to fantasize that he is the commander of this army and generally enjoys the envious eyes of many civilians.
At 10 o’clock in the afternoon, Xu Tianlong Army Brigade crossed the densely populated street and finally arrived at the National Mall one step ahead. At this moment, he has led the troops to set up a defensive front in front of the podium to avoid the crowd. When the podium is repaired, he will find the dragonfly figure and listen to it. Then the number of troops will be as high as 30,000. Immediately, he will send a voice to salute the dragonfly. The noisy square will be shocked by the momentum of the Tianlong Army. After the dragonfly returns, he will walk into the lounge behind the podium. Suddenly, the sky will burst out from the square. I look forward to many days
As soon as he entered the lounge, Pang Taitai immediately grabbed the dragonfly and said excitedly, Your troops in the Prince’s Palace are so terrible and admirable. It is really my honor to join this team.